Elx is the creation of one of the inhabitants of Raven’s Keep like all his brother and sister Chameleons. They are created beings, tools designed to serve the needs of their master. Using their abilities to blend into the citizenry of Raven’s Keep they have reported their findings and been able to become useful as needed.

Elx has been a faithful servant for many years and knew of Blern’s exile and when it was made know that an expedition was going outside the shield, he made sure that he would be included in the expedition. It was important to him that he learn more of Blern’s activities since his exile.
Elx is not only an accomplished chameleon, but he has the ability to communicate with his mind and has a gift for languages.

The two creatures stepped out of the birthing container almost simultaneously. The others in the room helped them stand as they stumbled and slipped on the fluids that dripped from their newly formed bodies. Like newborn foals they quickly found their legs beneath themselves and began to walk around the room. They were directed to a spray of water that washed off the amniotic fluids and then given robes to cover themselves from the chill air.

Origin Story:

The first of the newly born creatures was asked, “What are you to be called?”

The creature considered for a moment and realized that it had memories, understood what was said, and could respond. It considered the question and replied, “I am before the other so am LX A.” She changed her form slightly so that she took on features that were slightly feminine though still largely formless.

The questioner nodded and asked the next born, “And you? What are you to be called?”

The second creature similarly could respond and considered. It replied, “Being LX B. I will be called simply EL X.”

The others in the room smiled at each other and nodded. “It is as it always has been. Let us great our brother and sister. Alexa and Elx.”

As the chameleons introduced themselves Elx reached out with his mind to his sister, Alexa, “Do you note if the others are mindful or mindblind?”

“I believe that they are mostly mindblind,” she replied, “except for Elexza and Alexz.” With that they reached out their minds to converse with the other two psychic chameleons telepathically and introduced themselves mentally while they continued to interact mundanely with the rest of the shapeshifters.

Eventually, Alexa and Elx were given their duties and assigned positions within the community that they would assume. The chameleons took turns assuming the place of certain individuals within the community whose lives they would now be living.

Elx asked, “For what purpose do we do this? I don’t find this in my memories.”

One of the other chameleons answered, “The master has tasked us with gathering information for him.”

“Are we to do anything with this information?”

“No, information is to be collected for its own sake.”

Elx found that this answer was not only sufficient, but that it struck a chord within his being that seemed a universal truth. It was later that he discovered that the answer he was given was only partially complete. The information they collected was being used for both good and bad effect relative to the observer, actor, and recipient of those actions.

Elx determined that his continued collection of information was of value to himself and so continued in his present course, his master none the wiser of his changed perspective. But, Elx had subsumed the teachings of his master and now saw himself in the role of the strong-willed man rather than the servant. He now reported only that information that would lead to good consequences, good intentions were irrelevant. He did not need his master’s approval anymore on what to report or not report. His own will would determine what was right and therefore good.

Shortly thereafter Elx had a fainting spell and when he awoke Alexa spoke to him telepathically when he awoke, “Brother, are you unwell?”

Elx had closed off his mind, but opened it enough to reply, “It was nothing. Too long without eating and too much running around town.”

Alexa seemed like she was considering believing him but pressed, “Why is your mind closed to me?”

Elx replied, “I have gathered some secrets that I wish to keep that way.”

“Even from me?”

“Yes, even from you.”

The twins where never as close to each other after that incident as they had been before.

The Mission:

Elx heard that the expedition was leaving the city. They were going beyond the shield–out to where Blern had been banished. While he enjoyed gathering information in the city, it was more important that he resume his study of Blern. That could potentially be more critical in the long run.

He assumed the form of one of the council member guards and found out the details of the meeting times and participants. Then assuming the form of one of the council members who was detained with an experiment, he appeared briefly at one of the meetings and suggested that they included a skilled linguist in the group in case they didn’t have a language provided by skillchips. He suggested the name of one who might be able to be found (an alias he had used previously) and shortly left the council.

Later he was approached in his guise as Stell Xeres, an accomplished linguist. He was outfitted, as the others with other skills and equipment. But his primary aim was to be able to get an update on Blern so that he could update his records

  • Personality Traits:
    • Nobility is what defines the true man and is seen in open-mindedness, courage, truthfulness, trust, and an accurate sense of self-worth.
    • I write anything I think is important in code.
  • Ideal: Knowledge: Everything is important and must be recorded, great deeds in more detail that small. Strong-willed: What I judge to be good is of value. Value or non-value of an action is derived from its consequence.
  • Bond: I have a codes with numerous and sometimes terrible secrets that must not fall into the wrong hands. Nothing is more important than the other members of my family, especially my sister.
  • Flaw: I am easily distracted by the promise of information.
  • Flaws:
    • Mild allergy to gold.
    • Flashbacks (trigger psychic combat)
  • Alignment: Moral Nihilism
  • Background: Spy (former)
  • Deity: Raven
  • Race: Chameleon
  • Languages: Common, Dwarven, Thieves’ Cant, Latin, Druidic, Telepathy, and more
  • Gender: usually male
  • Age: varies, usually appears around mid to late 30s
  • Height: varies, averaging around 6′
  • Weight: varies, averaging around 180 lbs.
  • Hair: varies, naturally bald?
  • Eyes: varies, naturally black?
  • Skin color: varies, naturally grey?