About 10 years ago, a small tribe of gnolls unfortunately raided too close to Raven’s Keep and the Savage Elves. A ranger from Raven’s Keep was sent to protect the elves from this rare gnoll raid, wiping them out completely. The ranger was tasked with locating and eliminating any and all surviving gnolls that may be in a den somewhere nearby. When he found the den, it was only lightly inhabited and he was able to slay them all quickly. What the ranger didn’t expect was to feel compassion when he found the last gnoll… a two-week-old gnoll pup. He could have killed it… he could have simply left it, which would have meant its death just as sure… but he decided to take the gnoll and raise it himself.

Gnolls don’t typically take to retraining as a group, but this was only one small pup. It hadn’t received any demonic influence yet, nor hardly any gnollish influence for that matter… Maybe it could be taught to be more human-like? Gnolls are naturally quick and great hunters, and the ranger helped the gnoll develop these skills while also trying to teach him some social refinement and restraint.

The ranger named him “Ankoma” meaning “last born”.

Despite the ranger’s noble intent, Ankoma was only ever able to partially integrate with human and elvish society at large. For many, the visual of a gnoll walking around town free was too jarring to ever fully accept. Strong, quick, and fierce… most people have a hard time trusting that Ankoma will be able to resist his primal, carnivorous urges.

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  • Bond: a bond
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  • Race: Gnoll
  • Languages: Common,
  • Gender: male
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