Allesson has spent his centuries within the confines of Ravens Keep overseeing the collection of a written library of history; much of it his own writings, in the form of new stories and songs. He quests after any new account, with the kind of desperation normally reserved for such as a drowning man seeking air. Allesson applied long hours to perfecting his various crafts: as a playwright, a performer, as a historian and as a scholar, and through it all he always kept to the old ways of pen and ink, of books and ledgers. And he has always prided himself on the vast number of songs and histories he could recall without technology’s aid.

He joined Raven’s Keep’s expedition to the Wildlands gladly thinking that not only that it would be a great opportunity for him to gain inspiration for future songs and stories but also in the hope there within that lost land he might find opportunity to express himself finally to a new, appreciative audience.

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  • Bond: a bond
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  • Race: Human
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  • Gender: Male
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