Raven's Keep

RK Character Fiasco Relation Tool

Fiasco Rules

Instead of the traditional you all meet in a bar or similar we are going to make the character interactions a bit more 3D by using Fiasco Relationships. These  will allow us to build simple yet rich relationships among the members of the party that can lead to new adventures, quests, and connections to the world as well as better party interaction.

We may also use this list to connect the PC to at least one NPC (either one of the PC’s contacts or an NPC of the DM’s choice though the choice of who the connection will be made to is up to the player).

How to use this list

During character creation, have each player roll two pair of d6 (noting a difference between the pairs of dice, different color or something similar). The result ties his or her PC to the PC of the player on his or her left. This repeats around the table until each PC has two relationships, one with the player on the left (that he rolled) and one with the player on the right (that was rolled for him). Optionally, the DM may ask each PC to roll a second time to make a connection to an NPC.

Let the players discuss the nature of this relationship, choosing a side when applicable and adding some details of their own. We will record all of this (and email it out after the session as well) and having players record it on their character sheets. If one doesn’t make sense or is quite displeasing to one or both of the players, let them re-roll it.

Throughout the campaign,  plots and adventures will tie to these relationships and backgrounds of the PCs.

Interpreting the results and using the sets of dice.

When you roll each set of dice, one of the pairs of dice determines the relationship of your PC to the PC on your left. For the second set, you choose either a need, an object, or a location. When you roll these dice, the result is read from the relevant table to determine your connection to the PC you are related to.

Take a moment to discuss who their characters are, what they are called, and how they relate to each other, and the objects, needs, and locations their characters share. Then pass the dice to the next person and repeat the process.


1. Family

1. Siblings

2. Cousins

3. Parent & Child

4. Estranged Kin

5. Spouses

6. In-Laws

2. Enemies

1. Pure Strain Human/Knight of Genetic Purity and Metahuman

2. Assassin and Target

3. Rival Adventurers

4. Former Lovers

5. Fought for different sides in the last war

6. Hero and coward

3. Fellowship

1. Longtime adventuring companions

2. Reluctant Allies

3. Rich kid and manservant

4. Members of a guild

5. Servants of the crown

6. One’s the brains, one’s the brawn

4. Secrets & Strange

1. Partners in “The Perfect Crime”

2. Served time together

3. Drug Dealer and client

4. You killed my father

5. Bound together by a sacred oath

6. You keep him close because he knows your secret

5. War

1. Brothers in arms

2. Mercenary and Employer

3. Guardsman and former prisoner

4. Seen too much war

5. A blood debt still needs to be repaid

6. Strategists addicted to combat

6. Religion/Belief

1. Followers of the Yellow King

2. Followers of the same god/cult

3. Prosyletizer and skeptic

4. True Believer and mercenary

5. Followers of antagonistic gods/cults

6. Linked together by a dark ritual


1. To Get Rich

1. Through Blackmail

2. And Help Those Who Need It Most

3. In the Most Spectacular Manner Possible

4. Through honest, hard work

5. By helping the Wildlanders get rich

6. By creating/finding new inventions

2. To Get Rid Of…

1. The real or perceived threat to Raven’s Keep from external sources

2. The Church of Hastur

3. The race that killed your parents

4. The corruption that is threatening us all

5. The undead that are plaguing the world

6. The spy in your midst

3. To Find

1. the fate of the previous expedition.

2. the Well of Souls

3. the gateway to the Far Realm

4. what they stole from you

5. glory, so everyone will remember your name

6. the meaning of these prophetic dreams

4. Vengeance

1. against those who would hurt others

2. against those who took your family and/or friends

3. for the deaths of those who served under your command

4. for the last group of adventurers who left you for dead.

5. for years of enslavement

6. against those who betrayed you

5. Redemption

1. to atone for all those other adventurers you betrayed

2. to atone for crimes against your family.

3. to atone for the last failed adventurer.

4. to atone for years of misplaced aggression

5. to atone for your fallen faith or sins against the gods

6. to atone for your undead half-brother

6. To Get Out

1. Of an unhappy relationship

2. Of an oath you’ve sworn

3. From under a crushing debt

4. of the Prime Material Plane

5. and explore the world

6. from the shadow of Raven’s Keep


1. On The Outskirts

1. The remnants of an ambushed caravan

2. Abandoned farmstead

3. Tower of the sage Oberon

4. The grove of Ogion the druid

5. The Great Bog

6. A haunted lighthouse

2. Dungeon-Upper Reaches

1. Orcs’ Lair

2. Flooded chamber

3. The great hall of Bailor

4. A trapped corridor

5. Secret room behind a statue

6. Dark tunnels

3. In the Village

1. Temple of Healing

2. Alchemical and Potions Shop

3. The Rusty Nail Inn & Tavern

4. The Tower of Bufus & Renne

5. Lucky Lady Gaming Hall

6. Secret headquarters of a group of thieves

4. Back at Raven’s Keep

1. R&D Lab

2. The Neon-Lit Dance Floor of a bar

3. Security Barracks

4. Medical Center

5. Fine Dining Establishment

6. Sewer Hideout

5. Out and About

1. The sitting room of a prosperous farmhouse

2. A rotted barn

3. A rocky field overgrown with weeds

4. The empty shell of an abandoned farmhouse

5. The stables of an inn

6. The gardenlike grove near the center of town

6. Local Businesses

1. The open-air smithy

2. The local tailor’s cottage

3. A general store

4. The Moneychanger’s shop

5. An imposing stone brewhouse

6. A luxurious hotel


1. Weapons

1. A Revenant Missile Launcher

2. A Whole Mess of Grenades

3. A Monowire Whip

4. A short sword

5. A wand of Fireballs

6. Poisoned dagger

2. Sentimental or Valuable

1. Map leading to the Room of All Things

2. Old ally who has been polymorphed into a frog

3. A wedding ring that has been in the family for two millenia

4. Silver holy symbol of Hastur

5. An ornate jewelry box with a false bottom

6. Diary or unmailed letter from a soldier you killed years ago

3. Trouble

1. A bounty/warrant

2. A demon with a grudge

3. A newborn baby

4. The true name of a greater demon

5. The zombified remains of a loved one

6. Sword of Vengence

4. Spells

1. Wall of Ice

2. Levitate

3. Charm

4. Fireball

5. Polymorph

6. Invisibility

5. Trophies

1. Golden scarab from a mummy

2. A troll’s tongue

3. Mounted wyvern’s head

4. A yeti-skin rug

5. The book of questionable spells and incantations

6. A half-ton marble statue of Mecran Trollslayer of clan Ironforge

6. People

1. Three human bombs

2. A gaggle of Mystic scholars

3. Five Sisters of Battle with jetpacks and chainswords

4. One thousand screaming cultists with improvised weapons and damned souls

5. An infobot with numerous useful attachments

6. A squad of elite guardsmen