Raven's Keep

Raven’s Keep

Raven’s Keep

Raven’s Keep has long been an insulated marvel, the family hold of the Raven Family.  It has long existed behind it’s shield constructed like an iceberg mostly hidden beneath the ground. Those within the keep have benefited from the technology they inherited from Old Earth and the advent of their own brand of ‘psychic’ magic, and specifically the blending of both.

Originally Raven’s Keep served the interest of Earth and the Lords of Mendelland, one of which had planned to live there (Majere) prior to his assassination, and after the loss of a second Lord (Magnus) much later Raven’s Keep was all but forgotten by the other immortals.

Left to their own resources, the godless people of Raven’s Keep fell into bickering and discontent. The most recent generation has at times been forced to exile one or more of its sons beyond the shielding of the keep. Without exception these heroic few have excelled and thrived, still keeping the mysteries of their background to themselves.

Now something new has occurred, something of Klarn has breached Raven’s Keep shielding inadvertently that was beyond their notice, that being the death of Tiamat. With her fall, greed along with its sisters, envy and covetousness  has ended, and within the walls of Raven’s Keep the bickering has stopped and it has been replaced by a new sense of cooperation and purpose, which has in turn sparked a new agenda; the wonders of Raven’s Keep have for all time been their own hidden treasury of horded power and knowledge, and now for the first time, without the guidance of the Lords of Mendelland  they have taken it upon themselves to share this knowledge with the other peoples who inhabit the realms of Old Earth touched by their walls, and the first of these to be that which they believe to be in the most need, that being the Wildlands.

So an exploratory force was organized and dispatched, well-armed, and implanted with all the skills and knowledge that were deemed necessary to survive, but they soon encountered unexpected resistance as they travelled through the harsh, uncharted mountains of the Wildlands, that being the Red Death, a group led by a xenophobic leader named Blern, an army of violent thugs that harassed, intimidated, and terrorized the well-meaning group of explorers. Their leader, Blern the Stranger, was manifested of great and deadly power, and he gave voice to a spoken goal of ending all life and all technology, while at the same time seeming more intent upon harvesting as much of it as was possible from the well-meaning visitors from Raven’s Keep. Calling themselves the Red Death, identified by black uniforms that covered their entire bodies, their faces covered by some form of red mask they hunted you without mercy Blern having somehow completely destroyed are erased the skills which had been preloaded in your minds at Raven’s Keep.