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World History

Historical Ages

Some historians have attempted to categorize the previous ages. The 1st age is reckoned as starting after the fall of the Golden age when it is generally given that magic fully entered the world. Some sages postulate that the Golden Age was an age of magic as well, but there is heated disagreement about that based on divinatory answers. In any case the ages since are generally given as follows:


1st Age Dark Began with the activation of the Box of Dreams Made Real and the release of great and wild magics and the repulsion/destruction of the Armies of the Hevens. The Lords/Ladies of the Lands struggled to maintain anything they could in the wake of the resulting chaos. The Wild Magics are also sometimes called the Great Magic or the Dark Magic.
2nd Age Dark A few Lords/Ladies rise to prominence and create sanctuaries of civilization; the rest of the world falls to wild beasts and monsters.
3rd Age Dark Rise of Great Beasts topples sanctuaries and forces the civilizations to become largely nomadic. Lands rearranged.
4th Age Light The first Emperor leads the people against the great Dragon and forces it back to its island home allowing for people to begin creating cities again.
5th Age Dark The Steam King creates flying ships and great war breaks out nearly destroying the Empire and newly created kingdoms of the previous age.
6th Age Light The gods reveal to the Priestess the truth of the 12, the Unification Church begins. The race wars start in earnest.
7th Age Dark The Diabolist opens a permanent portal to hell and demons ravage the lands. The races combine under the Emperor’s banner to repulse the threat which succeeds at great cost. Many demons remain on the loose, including many tempter demons and the coalition of races quickly breaks down.
8th Age Light The Lich King raises an army and attempts to take over the lands of the living nearly succeeding. High Druid creates beastmen to combat Lich King. Unification Church unites the races to repulse Lich Kings army. The Emperor takes advantage of his position within the coalition to annex the lands of other kingdoms and expand his domain in the name of keeping the peace.
9th Age Dark Now

Recent History

In the current age there have been a few items of historical note so far. There are likely others not listed here as well.

Year (CY since start of current age) Description
167 The great dragons Nachtmeister and Mountaincrusher battle in a spectacular aerial dual over the city of Prague. Nachtmeister is presumed slain.
193 King Yulik defeats rebels in the Battle of White Mountain
253-303 Fifty Years War
A series of wars primcipally fought in the Hell Hound though it spilled over into Old No Jaw and The Wolf became involved towards the end. It involved a herecy within the Unification Church. The Heresy, eventually put down, was labled the Demonic Heresy by The Church. But during the war the Nietzschians had many followers within the waring kingdoms.
287 Mt. Greyspire (Lich’s Eye) erupts buring surrounding lands.
323-224 The Lantis Revolution
A group of Necromancers sued for the right to practice magic openly and when the attempt failed they staged a coup. The country was under their control or in a state of revolution for this period.
320 Steam King introduces first Clockwork man at the World Fair in Roma.
351 Famine wipes out 1/3 of the Empire’s people before the High Druid and Sorcerer Supreme are successful in restoring plentiful food. Many fear there is a power behind the famine and a cost for involving the icons.
387-390 War of the 8 Saints
The Unification Church opposed an expansion of land by the Merchant Princes into territory claimed by the Bretonians. Eight church hierarchs were held as hostages during the war and used as barganing chips.
388-403 Civil war in Nova Albion over the right to own slaves
388 Clockwork men become fashionable servants among the upper class
401 Sir Francis the Drake circumnavigates the globe providing critical maps for the Empire.
412 The great dragon Feuerschwinge is killed by adventurers in the mountains of The Bat
430-444 Demons found to be possessing members of the clergy, witch hunts begin and many burned at the stake.
450-455 The War of the Beasts
The great dragon Grunleben leads an army of awakened plants and animals into Amazonia and overthrows the elven nation. Establishes a sanctuary for awakened plants and animals.
452-457 Cathay-Nippon War of Expansion
A series of skirmishes where the Cathay attempted to expand their lands into the Nipponic Kingdoms. Small gains were made by the Cathay.
488 Emperor Albrecht’s Battle
The ruling Emperor was called to the field of battle to repel the forces of the Steam King. A quick, bloody, local conflict on the border of The Hell Hound and Old No Jaw. Young Emperor Hans Albrecht’s first call to the field of battle.
496 The Clockwork Man, DanL, successfully sues for freedom in the Empire and sets precident for freewilled Clockwork Men.
499-505 The Aztlan Conflict
Forces from the Devil’s Triangle allied with other pirates to raid the Aztlan Empire while humanoids from the plains (some claim lead by forces from New Iberia) attacked by land put pressure on Aztlan forcing it to call upon divine aid to throw off the attackers. Huge losses on both sides.
505 Hurricanes ravage the eastern coast of The Lich and the Ogre Kingdoms.