Scandia is a confederation of Orcish kingdoms who work together but are not lead by any one ruler. They do meet to discuss matters common to them all and have agreed to assist each other, particularly against recent threats from the Queen of Wolves and from pressure from the Barbarian Lord to join his cause.

Each of the small kingdoms has its own leader, usually there is a family inheritance, but that is not guarenteed and on occasion another member of the clan will rise up to take over weak leadership from a mismanaged inheritance. Typically the king is supported by the strong druidic emphasis within the Universal Church though there are a few kingdoms that are more strongly aligned with the overall Universal Church of Truth, these kingdoms tend to be more antagonistic.

The kingdoms protect their people within their villages using force of arms and the power of the church primarily. Travel between villages is dangerous and so usually done only by well-guarded caravan.

The primary language in Scandia is Orcish, but everyone also speaks at least some Common and the further south you go the more Common one speaks and with less of an accent. A good many of the people in the east also speak Giantish.

Some of the larger cities in Scandia include The River Mouth Aros, Ribe, Heathtown, Vineta, Truzo, The Meadow Among the Mountains, Market-Place, Chieftan’s Hall, Birch Grove, and Old Lowland River