Great Grey Empire

Great Grey Empire

Centuries ago, a growing handful of kingdoms united under the world’s most powerful emperor, maintaining peace through diplomacy first and force when necessary.

The Empire is on the edge of social and technomagical developments; mostly at peace internally looking to threats externally trying to enforce peace in its neighboring kingdoms by any means necessary. It is also a sponsor of colonial actions abroad.

Emperor Hans Albrecht is the current ruler of the Great Grey Empire. He has however only been emperor for a score of years, a brief time as far as Emperors go. As leader of the Great Empire, Emperor Albrecht is also The Emperor, an icon directing the nature of the world. His predecesor Gundark Thorisun disappeared during a battle against demonic forces and was not found and so was declared dead; there are still some supporters of Former Emperor Thorisun who still seek him out and claim that he is the true Emperor. In the long line of Emperors of the Great Empire almost all have been dwarves. Only the Emperor prior to Thorisun, Emperor Johann Wagner was human.

The Empire protects its citizens primarily through the diligent use of force of arms combined with a watchful eye. While they do use magic to detect and search for large incursions into their lands, for smaller threats the Empire relies upon its internal City Watch and Road Wardens to protect its citizens. As such there are larger concentrations of the Watch and the Road Wardens where the Empire feels the threat is greater or the target is in more need of protection. There are some areas of wilderness however, which  the Empire recognizes as unpatrolled and therefore dangerous. The Black Forest being a great example, hunters and woodsmen will occasionally make forays into that wood, but they do so fully recognizing that the Empire holds no sway within the forest, only once the citizen exits the wood are they starting to come back under the potential protection of the Empire’s forces and they risk bringing something back with them so rarely will they venture far into a dangerous place such as that.

Common is the first language of everyone withing the Empire, but most people speak at least one other language; in the southwest they are likely to speak Elvish or in the southeast Gnomish, in the north Orcish and Giantish; and in the east Orcish.

It is divided into three sub-kingdoms and four provinces. There are also some contested territories. The three kingdoms within the Empire are Kingdom of the Northlands, the Kingdom of the Midlands, and the Schwarzwald Kingdom. The Provinces are Osterlands, the Reichlands, Duchy of Sylvania, and the Hochlands.

The town of Anspach is located within the Reichlands, near the Schwartzwald border close to the old capital of Salzbrücke.