The town of Anspach is located within the Reichlands, near the Schwartzwald border close to the old capital of Salzbrücke.

Anspach Environs

Anspach is a large town that sits in the shadow of Castle Gumbertburg and the Abby that it protects.

Anspach Streets

The town itself is a prosperous trading town on the River Bagen. It is ruled by Count Gumbert, but he prefers to remain on his own at Castle Gumbertburg further downstream and has little to do with running the town. Instead, the town is run by a council of burghers, comprising representatives from several noble families, merchant houses, the official town giulds and the Church of Universal Truth. The town has a population of about 5,000 and acts as a local market center, getting goods from other towns, villages and cities by river, trading locally for wool and wine, and shipping lead and silver from the nearby mountains.

The Abby supports a thriving school and has graduated a number of well respected students. The famous druid, Franciz Lionheart was a student, as was the sorcerer Mariam Simias, and the Transmuter Ernest George.

Anspach is on the coach route for two of the Empire’s major coach lines: The Royal Stag Coach Line and The Empire Express.

Royal Stag Coachline


Anspach Map


  • A – Residential Areas
  • B – River Bogen
  • C – Town Hall
  • D – Merchant District
  • E – Gods Plaza
  • F – Military Housing
  • G – Nobles

Quinth and Tavious

Quinth and Tavious are both from the residential section of town in the southwest. Quinth’s mother was born there as was Quinth. Tavious moved into the area only during his teen years for the handful of years that he lived in the town, but stayed in a tenement nearby Quinth and his mother. The general tenor of the residences here is one of both joyous life and squalor. On the edges of this area of town are most of the town’s inns, taverns, theater, and bordellos. Deeper into this district is what goes for the town’s thieves’ guild. This area is mostly quiet during the day, either because many of the residents of this area work in other parts of town or because the inhabitants are resting up for the evening’s festivities. At night, lanterns are lit in every main street, making it come alive. Inns open, the streets are crowded with men and women from other areas of town as well as the locals returning to their homes and even visitors from other nearby villages.

Quinth’s mother, Dossenia Celsus, is a singer and actress at the theater.