Albion is ruled by Bodicia, the wife of King Seamus (in absentia). She is supported by a council of knights who protect the realm each governing over a portion of Albion. They are advised by a pair of wizards of great power and also not infrequently seem to receive advice from the Sorcerer Supreme.

Each of the cities in Albion is protected by a group of menhirs arranged at key points along ley lines the menhirs provide protection in a limited radius so they only protect the city and a small area encompassing the city. Thus each city must also provide knights the protect any surrounding villages. The wilderness between the cities is progressively more dangerous the further one travels from the cities/menhirs.

There are major roads that follow the ley lines where enchantments protect the travelers from most harm; one still needs to beware of bandits traveling the road, but need not worry about attacks from the forests. As such, the crown does send occasional, but fairly infrequent knights on the kings roads as they are called. There are also minor roads that do not follow the ley lines that are not protected by magic. These can be very dangerous roads and paths to travel and only well armed and defended groups typically travel these paths.

Common is the primary language in Albion though the people in the south of Albion almost all speak Elvish as well while the people in the north almost all speak Orcish.

Major cities in Albion include Camelot, York, Oram’s Arbor, Vencini’s Market, The Pool, Castle Hill, City of Dreaming Spires, Gargoyle Port, The Place At The Bridge, The Nunnery, King’s Lake, Stronghold by the Alder Grove, Fortress on the Exe, and St. Brasse’s Town.