CV The Hood

The Hood

The Hood is a thieves’ guild operating out of southern Iberia (though it is rumored that they have a hand in running things in the City of the Fallen Angel as well). Most citizens view The Hood unfavorably, but some argue that it keeps order amongst the criminal factions and has its uses. The Hood is primarily engaged in theft operations but does control or at least claim to control all criminal activities within the lands that they cover.

Guild members typically start as apprentices and work their way up the ranks as is typical for any guild. As such most guild members who survive for any length of time tend to become reasonably diverse and skilled. As part of their apprenticeship members of The Hood are expected to learn the basics of all aspects of the guild business. Halfway through their apprenticeship and definitely when they become Journeymen a guildmember will then usually focus their efforts within a particular area of crime–thievery, assassinations, slavery, extortion, confidence work, and so on. Occasionally, an exceptional guild member will be asked to cross-train after achieving their Journeyman status and become an expert in multiple areas of crime. These exceptional individuals are being groomed for a life as either guildmasters or spooks.