CV Necromancy



Like Demonology, Necromancy is at best frowned upon and, more likely, abhorred by even the most amoral societies. While a mixture of arrogance and foolishness is enough to set a Demonologist on the dark path, there is something inherently twisted about anyone who seeks out necromantic lore. Trafficking in the spirits of the dead may not be regarded as quite so inherently evil as making pacts with demons, but it is clearly unnatural and not a little disgusting. It is also against the precepts of Universal Church of Truth’s teaching, not to mention decidedly disrespectful to those who have passed on. Still, like Demonology, it is a sure route to power and knowledge. Most Necromancers learn their vile art by studying tomes of ancient lore, though this is often supplemented by direct, pseudo-scientific investigation of, and experimentation on, fresh corpses.




Like Demonologists, all Necromancers risk being tainted by their dark magics, their flesh and souls gradually bending towards the Undead state that so appeals to them. Every time the Necromancer summons new Undead creatures, he gets a little closer to Undeath himself. Necromantic corruption is different to Demonic corruption as the energy is different.


While Demonic corruption taints and twists the soul, Necromancy stains it in death. The more death the Necromancer brings into the world, the greater the stain. The Gamemaster should keep track of all the Undead the character creates, since each Undead creation grants the character a number of Corruption Points. However, a Necromancer can also destroy Undead and send a little of their own taint beyond with the freed spirit to reduce their own corruption. The more Corruption Points he has, the more serious and unpleasant the effects of Necromancy are on the body.

Necromantic Spells

While the PHB defines many spells as belonging to the school of necromancy, not all necromancy spells are considered evil and lead to corruption. Likewise, there are some spells that while technically not in the school of necromancy are still considered the vile work of necromancers. It is important to be able to identify who may be a necromancer and who, most likely, isn’t.


Some spells from the school of necromancy are put to good use by members of the Fraternal Order of Illumination and the Universal Church of Truth. These spells include: Raise Dead, Resurrection, Clone, True Resurrection, Spare the Dying. [they do not cause Corruption]


All other spells from the school of necromancy are considered sure signs that the spellcaster is a necromancer and lead to corruption. Additionally, public use of the following spells quite definitely brands one as a necromancer: Blasphemy, Crushing Despair, Desecrate, Nightmare, Phantasmal Killer, Phantom Steed, Power Word Kill, Trap the Soul, Unhallow, Weird. [additionally they contribute towards Corruption]