CV Race: Changlings


ChanglingChangelings are subtle shapeshifters capable of disguising their appearance. They evolved through the union of doppelgangers and humans, eventually becoming a separate race distinct from either ancestral tree. Changelings do not possess the full shapechanging ability of doppelgangers, but they can create effective disguises at will. This ability makes them consummate spies and criminals, and many changelings live up to that potential.

Changelings in their natural form appear frail with extremely fair skin, which can appear to have gray tints in moonlight. Changelings have large eyes which can be any color, but the most common is gray or silver. Their facial features are slight, their noses tend to be small and round, their lips are usually thin, but in rare cases they may be full and even pouty. Changelings have little to no facial hair and the hair on their heads is soft and fine and is also usually gray, silver or white (though in rare cases it can range in color from pink, to blue, or even green). Changelings are usually slender and their height ranges from 5’0″ – 6’0″, it is rare for females to be taller than 5’4″. Many Changelings choose another form due to their social stigmas, though, and it is rare to see a Changeling in their natural form. Some Changelings have difficulty maintaining one form for too long and this can result in confusion for their companions.

Changling Traits

Changlings are descended from dopplegangers and possess many of their shapechanging features.

All PCs are exceptional All non-human races +2 to two stats of choice, regardless of subrace. This replaces all stat bonuses listed for each race. [NPC Changlings have +2 to one ability score]
Age Changlings reach adulthood in their late teens and live less than a century.
Alignment Changlings tend toward no particular alignment. The best and worst are found among them.
Size A changlings size is very variable, but their base size determines the range within which they can alter their bodies. You are Small or Medium (chosen at character creation).
Speed Your base walking speed is 30 feet
Darkvision Due to your enhanced senses and fey nature, you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as it it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Change Shape As an action, a changeling can assume any of the forms listed in the Alter Self spell. The change does not require concentration and lasts until the changeling uses this power again or until slain. When using the second application of this power, the changeling has the option to move his +2 ability score bonuses to different ability scores (this shift cannot increase an ability above 20). The shift lasts until the Change Shape ends at which point they return to their default stat. Changlings are Natural Shapechangers.
Deceptive Advantage on checks to deceive or intimidate others
Perceptive Advantage on checks to sense others motives
Mind Reader As an bonus action, a changeling can use Detect Thoughts once per day. Charisma is the stat that determines the saving throw for this ability. It has no components. At 5th level, it can be used 2/day. At 10th level, 3/day. At 15th level it becomes an at-will ability.
Slippery Mind Advantage on saves versus sleep, charm, and divination spells
Gifted Linguist Can speak a language after hearing another person speak it after 1d20 minutes. (DM may determine that some languages take less or more time based on the easy or difficulty of the language). Also, when determining backgrounds, if there is a chance of knowing a language assume that the Changling knows the language.
Languages Common and any languages appropriate to your backgrounds