Name: Victavious, “Tavious”

Race: Tiefling

Class: Warlock (The Great Old Ones)

Victavious, The Ruins, & The Stone

Age: young adult (late twenties)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Trait: I am driven by curiosity to try everything, making me extremely hedonistic. I am susceptible to dark moods, and fits of rage and cruelty to my enemies.

Ideal: I believe in balance defined by an eye for an eye, and that one should be free to live as they will as long as they are willing to pay the consequences of their actions.

Bond: I have a bond with Ruak, in that I believe I was led to find him and solve the mysteries of his existence. I share a friendship with Quinth in that we have a times had each other’s back.

Flaw: I have many vices, but principally I am a cad, an instigator, and a poor invluence upon others who revels in tempting them into making poor decisions.

Background: Given my odd appearance and behavior it is difficult for me to find a home amongst other more common folk, so I am forced to live on the outskirts of society.

One Unique Thing: The Great Old Ones speak to him in voices (and only to him). Tavious is the only one who as glimpsed the truth of the Great Old Ones and not fallen into insanity.


Ruak:Tavious “discovered” Ruak hiding in a swamp after Raak had been “killed” due to some problem with the Hood and his refusal to actually kill his former friend Morvelus Morgelon.

Quinth:: While Tavious lives primarily on the outskirts of society, he occastionally needs to venture into the fringes of society. During some of those forays, he befriended Quinth and the two of them had a handful of occasions to cement that friendship defending each other’s back.

Amra: Originally tasked with finding and retrieving Amra for a mysterious Master Smith, Tavious instead warned Amra of the Master’s intent and the two of them fled from the Anspach area to avoid the Master’s plans.