Name: Toombs

Race: Halfling

Class: Cleric of Trickery

God: The Trickster, Who Goes By Many Names







Background: Member of The Hood

One Unique Thing: ?


Dúlinnor: Tried to get Dúlinnor into The Hood, worked together on a job together, but Dúlinnor refused the invitation. This reflected badly on Toombs and lost him face in The Hood, even though they were successful in their job together. Whether this had anything to do with Dúlinnor’s strange memories and dreams or simply his attitude about belonging to a guild is unclear. But in any case, Dúlinnor was forced to leave quickly and Toombs lost face in The Hood for a while and it was only because of the strength of his enforcer that the was able to maintain hold of his position.

Ruak: Both members of The Hood (strongest in souther Iberia). Toombs brought Ruak into The Hood when he noticed Ruak’s penchant for poisoning and started using him as an enforcer or hitman. Toombs had to have him “killed” when he refulsed a hit on a former friend, Morvelus Morgelon. Together they fabricated Ruak’s death to make it appear that he died to get him out of The Hood, but that may only be a temporary ruse.