Name: Ruak

Race: Froglok

Class: Rogue (Assassin)

Emphasis: poison dart frog

Weapon: blowdart, throwing darts, short sword/dagger

Specializing in: neurotoxins sleep, hallucinogenics, death

Description: dark blue with constantly moving universe spiraling on chest







Background: Association: The Hood

One Unique Thing: The design on his chest is a map to a distant galaxy


Tavious: Tavious “discovered” Ruak hiding in a swamp after Raak had been “killed” due to some problem with the Hood and his refusal to actually kill his former friend Morvelus Morgelon.

Morvelus:Ruak and Morvelus served as members of Le Fey’s forces in a brief conflict with The Empire. It was a short misunderstanding and the two countries are back a peace again, but for a while they were part of Bretonia’s militia. Their unit was stationed in Nanciacum on the border of Bretonnia and The Empire.

Toombs: Both members of The Hood (strongest in souther Iberia). Toombs brought Ruak into The Hood when he noticed Ruak’s penchant for poisoning and started using him as an enforcer or hitman. Toombs had to have him “killed” when he refulsed a hit on a former friend, Morvelus Morgelon. Together they fabricated Ruak’s death to make it appear that he died to get him out of The Hood, but that may only be a temporary ruse.