Name: Quinth

Class: Rogue/Fighter (Battlemaster)

Race: Human

Age: young adult (mid-twenties)


Trait: Quinth believes that he and his friends must be in the process of becoming heroes of legend. Why else would the doctor have assembled such a motley group os disparate individuals? No doubt greatness awaits us, and greatness will be required of us, and we meet the challenges we are destined to face.

Quinth believes that people should act like the characters and heroes of myth and legend (and that he at least can do so even if others don’t).

Ideal: To escape poverty and become a benefactor

Bond: Quinth has a special bond with Constable Rainer Eichhorn who introduced him to the von Sarpe school of fighting while also helping to keep him out of trouble while he was growing up. He also has a negative bond with a gang of thieves that were prevelant in Anspach while he was growing up. On a couple of occasions they got him in trouble and he foiled their plans, with one foiled heist in particular getting them put on a most wanted list at the time. They promised to get revenge on Quinth and his family if they ever got the chance.

Flaw: Quinth hates running from a fight. He spent his entire youth on the run, generally from the gangs/criminals of Anspach, but probably also from the law on occasion, simply out of fear that being so destitute, he was never see justice from the authorities and be held responsible for crimes he never committed. No doubt he also had to survive the wrath of the criminals he helped the constable apprehend as they became friends. Now he would rather risk his life in a fight against the odds than run away without at least first risking his life trying for a heroic victory.


One Unique Thing: I am the son of Wayland the Smith, myself a legendary hero; and, other figures of legend recognize me as such.


Dúlinnor: mercenary and employeer

Tavious: Quinth met Tavious on the outskirts of Anspach and the two found a common bond in being picked on by ne’er-do-wells. The developed a friendship of sorts and watched out for each other over the course of the few years that Tavious lived in the region of Anspach.