Morvelus Morgelon

Morvelus Morgelon

Morvelus Morgelon

Name: Morvelus Morgelon

Race: Human

Class: Wizard (Conjuration Specialiist)

Age: mature







One Unique Thing: When I decided to devote myself to exploring the worlds beyond, I stumbled upon a goods merchant in the lands I have consequently forgotten about who carried an odd specimen in a sealed jar. I purchased it, studied it and realized it was a chunk of extraplanar matter. I removed it from it’s jar to get a closer look, and as i picked it up it “disappeared”, sending shockwaves up my left arm and throwing me across the room. I have no scars or wounds, but after casting heavily I find my fingernail beds and cuticles look…bruised maybe? Discolored.


Gurtrud: “black sheep of the family”

Ruak: Ruak and Morvelus served as members of Le Fey’s forces in a brief conflict with The Empire. It was a short misunderstanding and the two countries are back a peace again, but for a while they were part of Bretonia’s militia. Their unit was stationed in Nanciacum on the border of Bretonnia and The Empire.