Amra Liadon

Amra Liadon


Name: Amra Liadon

Race: Wild Elf

Class: Cleric of Life

God: Istar, the Lover

Age: young adult (20-ish)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Trait: Nothing can shake my optimistic attitude

Ideal: I strive for everyone to have someone in their life, whether a lover, parent, child, or friend

Bond: I am completely attached to my family, and write to my childhood home often

Flaw: I believe everyone is good, even in the face of obvious evidence to the contrary

Background: I am neither high born nor low born, but consider myself a child of nature. I was raised in a secluded, close-knit community of healers from Odessa who encouraged me to leave and explore the rest of the world. I am optimistic but nervous to be away from everyone and everything I know.

One Unique Thing: I am Istar’s Matchmaker, those I match are destined to be together. (she has a birthmark on her hip that looks like a heart pierced by an arrow that marks her as The Matchmaker)


Dúlinnor: “former slave”

Tavious: Tavious was originally tasked with finding and retrieving Amra for a mysterious Master Smith, Tavious instead warned Amra of the Master’s intent and the two of them fled from the Anspach area to avoid the Master’s plans.