Personal Characteristics

Personal Characteristics: Ideals, Flaws, Bonds, Inspiration

We will be using the Player Awarded Inspiration variant. Under this variant the players are the ones primarily responsible for keeping track of and handing out Inspiration. During every session, each player can award inspiration to another player. A player follows whatever guidelines we all agree on for awarding inspiration. I suggest we start with the basic guidelines from the PH.

Optionally, a player can grant inspiration more than once in a session…however…If you do so, the first time you do so in a session it is free. Whenever that player awards inspiration later in that session, the DM gains inspiration that he can spend to give advantage to any foe of the player characters. There is no limit to the number of inspiration points that the DM can gain and unspent inspiration carries over from one session to the next.


Additionally, a character can gain an inspiration point for an act of heroism regardless of personal characteristics. This is to encourage a good, heroic themed campaign.

Furthermore, unless a character is acting towards one of their personal characteristics, they will loose their existing inspiration, if they have any, if they behave in an explicitly anti-heroic manner (not to be confused with non-heroic). This will largely be handled by the GM, but is up for discussion by the table if there is a consensus that the action is not suitably anti-heroic.