Icon: The Warp

Icon: The Warp

The Warp is chaos.


“A man falling off a cliff to certain death will stretch out a hand even to his worst

Usual Location

Misty Sea or The Manta Ray

Common Knowledge

The Warp is the least human of the icons; there are some that even question if The Warp is
conscious. Others however claim to have seen and talked to The Warp and can
describe him or her in great detail. All acknowledge that The Warp is very
powerful and also very dangerous. Most also credit the The Warp as being the
source of magic.

Adventurers & the Icon

The Warp’s attention is dangerous, but can bring great reward to those who please it—a
difficult prospect given its mercurial moods. Some of its missions resemble
quests out of an old fairy tale: retrieve a magic wand from a bottomless
pool, find a transformed prince or awaken a sleeping fey beauty. Others are
capricious and cruel. For example, a party may be tasked with ruining the
life of someone whose ancestor failed to throw salt over his shoulder when
he spilled salt at the dinner table 300 years ago.

If the Warp finds  an adventurer attractive it may take him or her as a lover, until it grows
bored and discards the quickly-forgotten toy.

The Warp is often entreated to assist with difficult rituals and adventurers might be involved
in assisting or opposing those rituals.


At any time, the Warp might be an ally of any of the other icons. The Elven Lord and Lady are
frequent allies as are the Sorcerer Supreme and the Diabolist.


Similarly at any time any icon might be an enemy. The Inquisitor is often an enemy.


The Warp has been present since magic has existed but its presence has waxed and waned through
the ages. In the current age its power is strong.

The True Danger

As long as the Warp remains unfocused civilization is safe.

Ambiguous Icon