Icon: The Lords of Fae (Klarn)

Icon: Lords of Fae (Klarn)

The eight lords of the faerie lands of the old world (known as Klarn by the lords themselves) are the creators and defacto rulers of the faerie realm.


“a cacophony of bickering”

Usual Location

Each of the lords has a place they call home on Klarn, though being semi- if not fully divine, each also has another primary residence on another plane as well.

Common knowledge

Faeries are some of the most difficult beings to deal with in the multiverse. Yet, there are very good reasons to put oneself through the trouble; they have access to resources and magic that are impossible to find elsewhere.

Recently, access to the lands of Klarn has become more accessible. It used to be that the faerie lands were almost impossible to get to, but now, while still difficult to access, they are able to be reached. However, passage back and forth is still very dangerous and most people who travel to the lands of klarn do not return.

Adventurers and the Icon

The Lords’ attention is dangerous, but can bring great reward to those who please them—a difficult prospect given their mercurial moods. Some of their missions resemble quests out of an old fairy tale: retrieve a magic wand from a bottomless pool, find a transformed prince or awaken a sleeping fey beauty. Others are capricious and cruel. For example, a party may be tasked with ruining the life of someone whose ancestor failed to address one of them by full title 300 years ago.

Any adventurer planning to visit the faerie realms would do well to familiarize themselves with the customs and etiquette required when interacting with representatives of the Faerie Lords.

There are magical riches lying within the fae realms, but getting the Lords to aid an adventurer is a challenge to say the least.


The Lords care for none of the other Icons. They will take actions when they are in their own self-interests. They are rumored to have made a pact with the Great Wyrm to achieve the position they are in today.


The Lords care for none of the other Icons. The Warp, however is anathema to them. The Lords do not appreciate visitors and any of the other Icons who venture too close to the Lords territory raise the ire of the Lords. The Warp has done this often enough in the past to make it untrusted.


Klarn and the Lords were created with the Great Sundering. It was largely cut off from the world until very recently.

The True Danger

Everything will be alright as long as Darklens does not rise again and use Klarn as his stronghold to bring chaos to the world.

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