Icon: Queen of Wolves

Icon: Queen of Wolves

The Queen of the Wolves rules the wolves and lycanthropes of the North, served by a cadre of witches and oracles. Her royal court spends most of its time hunting, feasting, brawling, and drinking the finest honey mead from immense stone bowls.


“Ah, well. Who wants to live forever?”

Usual Location

On Gloaming Crag, in the foothills of the Reaching Mountains.

Common Knowledge

The rolling hills and coastal plains south of the Reaching Mountains are claimed by the Kingdom of the Wolf, which has no other name in humanoid tongues. The wolves (awakened, werewolves, and normal wolves) claim a wide region. But the population is sparse and doesn’t mind trespassers, as long as they respect the Queen of Wolves and defer to her people when challenged.

The current Queen of Wolves is Neliese, a werewolf nicknamed “Knight’s Bitch.” She rules from Gloaming Crag, a precipice that looks like a petrified wave. Caves and tunnels riddle its interior, occupied by the queen and her canine, human, and lycanthropic retinue.

Adventurers and the Icon

Being around the Wolf Queen is like living in one of the Northlands’ more freewheeling, high-spirited legends. Adventurers will find plenty of opportunities for daring treks, epic contests, and fierce battles against monsters of the North. Success is rewarded with rich treasure, and — even more valuable — the Wolf Queen’s loyal friendship.


The Wolf Queen and the Barbarian Lord share a great mutual respect and affection —  it is rumored in court that the two of them adventured together once, and they owe each other their lives. The Wolf Queen’s interest in robust trade for her realm keeps her on good terms with the Emperor.


Never one for reading the fine print, the Wolf Queen once made a bargain with the Elven Lord and Lady that ended with her empty-handed and looking foolish.  She angrily refuses to discuss the incident, but would love to find someone clever enough and brave enough to help her get revenge on the Fey.


Rulership of the Kingdom of the Wolf is decided by yearly challenges. These opportunities are theoretically open to any wolf, but lycanthropes and the awakened have an obvious advantage. Knight’s Bitch has survived many of these challenges. But her reign has been so prosperous, and the Wolf Queen herself so generally well-liked, that many of these trials by combat are undertaken simply for the honor and pleasure of fighting such a worthy opponent as the queen.

Each year, many casks of mead travel north from the town of Bjeornstad in tribute to the Wolf Queen. It is brewed by Bjeornstad’s ruler, the King Sigurd Jorison: an elderly but still golden-haired werewolf druid. Some say that Knight’s Bitch has her eye on him and may someday seek to make him her Wolf King.

The True Danger

Everything will be all right as long as the Wolf Queen’s desire to get back at the Elven Lord and Lady doesn’t lead to a scheme that brings down the wrath of the Fey.


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