Icon: Great Wyrm

Icon: Great Wyrm

The Great Wyrm is the world’s protector and the inspiration for holy orders of paladins and independent heroes. The Great Wyrm is however a dragon and as such is to be feared as much as honored. The Great Wyrm spends the bulk of his time guarding the Chaos Rift in the Southern Wastes.


“Never deal with a dragon.”

Usual Location

Centuries ago, the Great Wyrm flew to the Chaos Rift in the Southern Wastes prevent the demons of hell from pouring out into the world. The Wyrm’s physical presence and his magical wards are still all that prevents the Abyss from ripping the world wide open. He leaves the Rift, but not for long.

Common Knowledge

The best and bravest hear the Great Wyrm’s call or receive his visions. They enter into his service as an elite champion, usually but not always as a member of the Golden Order.

Adventurers & the Icon

Various orders of paladins and clerics draw inspiration and power from the Great Wyrm, as do mystically chosen individual heroes. In turn, these orders have been known to hire adventuring bands for special purposes.


The Golden Order serves the Dragon Empire and its Emperor, albeit at their own discretion.


The Wyrm’s principal enemies are the Diabolist and The Warp. Both conflicts have mythical overtones, and like all true myths, there are moments when the great enemies have worked together, such as when The Warp eliminated the demons that had escaped the Abyss, an act of violence that created the Red Wastes.


There has only ever been one Great Wyrm, from the days when the gods made all the worlds to this very day. And some would say that there’s not much of the Great Wyrm left.

The True Danger

Everything will be all right unless the Great Wyrm finally loses its battle and the Rift opens to swallow the world.

Ambigious Icon