Icon: Elven Lord and Lady

Icon: Elven Lord and Lady

The Elven Lord and Lady are a pair of enigmatic figures of legend who inhabit the faerie lands. They are powerful, headstrong fey creatures that are almost seem to be fighting with each other as often as making love to each other. Their devotion to each other however cannot be overstated. Additionally, they are fond of their actual and adopted children–the fey races.


“We are your past, but also your future. You cannot hope to rule the land without the knowledge of time and strength of arms.”


Usual Location

It is thought the Pair wanders the forests near Bretonia or in the Feywild, but there have been no confirmed sightings since the start of this Age.


Common Knowledge

The Elven Lord and Lady are grouped together as one Icon. They represent a dualistic way of looking at life and the world. The Lord represents (overbearing) strength, the wild, and directness. The Lady represents order, intelligence, and subtlety. The Lord is the ruler of fall and summer, the predators in the forest, and the forgers of steel. The Lady rules the winter and spring, court, and chantries. They are never seen without one another, even by those who portend to only follow one of the Pair.


Adventurers and the Icon

All fey follow the ways of the Lord and Lady. The fey of the current Age, including most elves, understand the need for both light and dark, good and bad, fey and non-fey in the modern world. They seek to establish a balance in the world where the knowledge of the fey of old can be combined with the modern sensibilities wherein humans and dwarves might one day be counted as allies and friends.


Not all fey follow the ways of both Icons within the Pair. Some are more likely to follow the Lord or the Lady, somewhat disregarding the other. Still, the need for both the Lord and Lady’s abilities are understood, if not utilized.



The The High Druid, The Warp, Great Wyrm, Princess of Shadows



The Steam King, Inquisitor, Lich King, Queen of Wolves




The Pair have always existed in one form or another throughout the Ages. Fey Icons from other Ages were simply absorbed by the pair, allowing them to continue representing the Fey people. It is unknown what will happen at the end of this Age. Will they combine into one or will one simply disappear?



The True Danger

Everything will be all right as long as the Pair exist together. If one exists without the other, the power held by the Pair becomes the power held by only one of the Pair. This could bring forth war of steel or of magic.

Ambiguous Icon