CV Heresies


Dualist Heresy

This belief system posits that there are only two gods a generally good creator god and a general evil destroyer god though within the belief system the creator god also created the monsters and thus is faulted sometimes for being evil and the destroyer god is responsible for the natural death of all things in their time and so is not considered evil in that way. They are two sides of a coin (which is their symbol and two headed coin).

They do not of course consider themselves to be heretical, but do call themselves Dualists.

Demonic Heresy

There is a group of individuals who claim that there are no gods but only creatures from another dimension, demons, who prey upon unsuspecting humanity, granting us power for their on inscrutable purposes (perhaps for our souls upon our death), who must be resisted or at best used themselves but not blindly followed. The put forth a philosophy that says that strife and conflict will inevitably shape men into something better and stronger than what they currently are. Artistic self-overcoming is the goal of each individual to be come the best representative of their species that they can be and then become even better. They strive to be like living gods, warrior-poets who roam the world bringing civilization, not cowards and bullies who prey on the weak and kill each other for sport.

They call themselves Nietzschians after the founder of their belief system.

Rassen Luge Heresy

This group of individual subscribe to the belief that each of the gods has a favorite race and that there is a creator god for each of the races. They further teach that the races should not be worshiping the god family, but only the racial creator god. For example, the dwarves should only be worshiping the Smith; the elves only the Magus, and so on. The do not have a collective name for themselves and tend actually to be isolated cults dedicated to each of the individual gods.

Hubric Heresy

The Hubric Heresy is based on the belief that each person is part of a universal godhood and that any one individual is and can be part of the divine. Some people are more in touch with the divine than others. They also teach that a person’s soul is recycled or reincarnated upon death and that if you know how you can access your previous life memories and gain more understanding and power from that. Some even posit that you can remember forward as well and tap into your future godhood.

They refer to themselves as Children of the New Gods or Believers in the Source.