CV Deities


In a previous age, a great truth was given to a prophet of The Magnus. The Holy Mother was given the revelation that all the various deities that were known and were being discovered as the nascent kingdoms were expanding were in truth aspects of but twelve true gods. These gods were more complex than could be described by mere mortals and thus, in their imperfection, had been interpreted in various ways. But they could be named and worshipped by means of divine revelation. The Holy Mother was given the names of The Twelve and how they were to be worshipped.

The Universal Church of Truth was the result of this divine revelation. Many people thus worship the gods thru this church paying homage to all the gods equally, perhaps offering more patronage when a particular need arises. Within the church there are priests who specialize in the study and worship of individual gods. These priests, while respecting the Universal Church as a whole, usually dedicate themselves to a single deity.

Culturally, there may be different names for a particular god and while The Church tolerates this they try to encourage the use of the proper names. This is usually a hold over from older times and thus is seen as a return to the old way and discouraged. In extreme cases, this can lead to heresy. Heresies currently being resisted/fought are the Dualist Heresy, the Hubric Heresy, Rassen Luge Heresy, and the Demonic Heresy.

Great Pantheon
Deity (Old World Common Name) New World (Common) Name Albionic (Draconic) Name Empire (Dwarven) Name Lantis (Elven) Name
King (Father) Aether Lugh Wotan Anu
Hearthkeeper (Judge) Lady Justice Math Mathonwy Heimdall Mamitu
Beauty (Lover) Chaste Princess Aine Frey/Freya Istar
Queen (Mother) Gaia Diancecht Frigga Ashanti
Messenger (Merchant) Whiskey Jack Manannan mac Lir Njord Lulal
Warrior (War) The Warrior Morrigan Tyr Oro
The Prophet (Magus) Fairy Godmother Oghma Mimir Nabu
Forgelord (Smith) Wayland Goibhniu Alviss Enki
Mother Nature (Stormlord) Thunderbird Daghdha Sigmund Adad-Ishkur
Wisdom (Trickster) Coyote Belenus Loki Anansi
Thanatos Thanos Arawn Hel Ereshkigal
Lunatic (Destroyer) Chaos Dis Pater Surtur Ahriman

The King is the bringer of justice, order, civilization and holding the chaos at bay, patron to leaders and nobles everywhere. Most of the origin myths have the King creating the world from the raw chaos. He is the oldest of the gods and nominally the head of all gods.

The Hearthkeeper is a protector of the innocent, punish of the guilty, and the one to see that all the universe is in balance. She is also the one who maintains the integrity of the family.

The Lover, sometimes Lovers,  is the patron of the home, cute kittens & puppies, and True Love. Their priests are guardians, protectors, and keepers of the love, beauty, and romance.

The Queen represents control over nature without destroying it, taming the wild without losing it’s essence.

The Messenger is the mediator of knowledge (not the creator or discoverer of knowledge), and indeed all things, the patron of travelers, explorers, teachers, merchants, and of course messengers. The Messenger has invented a few things (like money), but prefers to trade the secrets of others.

The Warrior is the patron of war in all its forms–honorable and not, fighting,  and mercenaries. Their priests are primarily holy fighting orders.

The Prophet is patron of prophecy, magic, knowledge, secrets and patron to Dragons.

The Forgelord is patron to engineers, mechanics, and created beings. The Smith and his priests take all ideas of Wisdom (who also represents trickery and sometimes comes up with wild and crazy ideas) and builds practical, usable items. He uses magic and technology in equal measure. He also represents the tearing apart of Nature, rebuilding it in his own image. For this Mother Nature resents the Forgelord for destroying her creations either for parts or as a consequence of other processes.

The Mother Nature is the patron of nature in it’s wild state and untamed animals. But Mother Nature also wants to nurture and provide for all. Because of her influence the world has large areas of untamed wilderness.

Wisdom is also a god of knowledge, including “science.” While the Prophet wants knowledge to be doled out to those who have earned the privilege, Wisdom wants knowledge to be free to all. The Wisdom is a thief, stealing from the Prophet and spreading the knowledge about.

Thanatos is the patron of two primary cults. One is the cult of the dead. They protect the dead and care for those who’s souls have passed on to other realms. The other is the cult of the undead. They protect and venerate those souls who have unfinished business in the land of the living and are not ready to go to their eternal rest.

The Lunatic is a random element of the chaos from which the King formed the universe. The Lunatic’s goal is to return the universe to the chaos from which it came. Alternately (a heretical cult), the Lunatic is the personification of evil in the universe intent on subjugating everything to its will and/or destruction if it cannot have its way.


A Cleric, Paladin, or other priest can choose to worship the Universal Church of Truth, one of the Twelve, or a be a follower of the old ways and worship a god of their choice (which The Church will point out is in truth an aspect of one of The Twelve if you would but choose to see). The latter is mildly heretical and while the church will not prevent an individual from practicing it on their own, they will actively discourage the clergy from spreading this heresy to others.