Warlock Patrons

Patrons (Warlock)

Every warlock has a patron. Below are a list of the commonly encountered patrons from the known world. The list is of course not exhaustive as warlocks seek out lost and/or hidden knowledge, but these entities are known to divulge scraps of hidden or lost knowledge for various reasons.

The ArchFey

Gaea, The Great Mother

Lilith, The Blood Queen

Raggadorr, Scourge of Demons

Valtorr, The Venomous Viper

Faltine, The Fearsome Flames

Seraphim, The Shielding Shades

Watoomb, The Lord of Wind

Harlequin, Dancer at the End of Time


The Fiend

Chthon, Demon of the Darkhold

Set, The Great Serpent

Dormammu, The Dread One

Cyttorak, Lord of Oblivion

Satannish, Lord of Destruction

Ikonn, Lord of Illusions

Denak, Lord of Demons


The Great Old Ones (restricted)

Ghaunadar, That Which Lurks

Tharizdun, The Chained God

Darklens, He Who Should Not Be Named

Dendar, The Night Serpent or Nidhogg

Zargon, The Returner

The Great Cthulhu

Shothotugg, Eater of Worlds

Y’chak, The Violot Flame

Oshtur, The Bright Lady of the Dawn

Agamotto, The All-Seeing

Vishanti, The All-Wise, All-Knowing

Hoggoth, The Hoary Lord of Hosts

Atropus, The World Born Dead

Shuma-Gorath, The Void Made Flesh or He Who Sleeps With the Unclosing Eye

Lords of Chaos, Agents of Change

Lords of Law, Agents of Order

Azathoth, Blind God

Yog-Sothoth, Lurker at the Threshold

Nyarlathotep, God of a Thousand Forms