SOW Villians

Campaign Background – Villians

Villians – Those Who Oppose The Vale And Its Defenders

Sinruth (dead) – Hobgoblin commander who initially assaulted Brindol and brought the heroes together. Sinruth

Andreg (dead) – Thief, member of the Lost Ones working out of Overlook, was a former friend of Bairdyn until Bairdyn realized he was really a villian at heart. Killed when he attempted to blackmail the brigade and took Bairdyn’s pop hostage.

Tusk (dead) – Orog who tried to invade the Vale through the nexus. Allied with shadar-kai witch and dark creepers affiliated with Modra.

Snare-drum (dead) – One of the leaders of the Lost Ones, tried to collect a bounty on the Brindol Brigade and allied himself with a revived, ghoulish Andreg. Paid the ultimate price for his foolishness.

Snare Drum

Modra (dead) – Dark creeper working for Sarshan, attempted to work a deal behind his boss’s back and paid the ultimate price for it.Modra

Sharshan – Shadar-Kai arms dealer working for General Z to stir up unrest in the Elsir Vale


General Z – Some fool who wants to find the pointy end of the stick wielded by the Brindol Brigade.