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Lords of Mendelland


The Lands and Seas of Klarn


Lands and seas of Klarn include the Great Southwestern Unknown Continent, Monster Isle, the Mystic Isles, the Hard Land Sea, the Frosty Sea and the Sea of Eternity.

The main continent includes the hovering island of Klarn (including the Region of Shadow which lies beneath Klarn and the Heart of Evil which lies in the bright core), the Crooked Spines Mountains, the Icy Wastes, the Crystal Caverns, the Desert Shrand-Skim, Lands Drop, Dwarf Haven, Darkhaunt Woods, Golden Glen, Rainbow Dells, Nanty Glo, the Great Marsh, the City of Seven Dark Delights, the City of the Mad, Crater Lake, the Tomb of Limbo (of which there are actually three), Sky Steppes, Treehaven, Twin Demon Peaks, Goblin Spire, Flame-Moss Moor, the Forbidden Lagoon, the Nightmare Grotto, the Great River, the River Swift, the River Rage, the Dragon Fang Mountains, Decision Point, the Point of No Return, the Circle Gate Mountains, the City of the Damned, the Bay of Grace, the City of the Unclean, the City of Sinners, Fisherfolk Point, the Pool of Tears, and Perilous Isle.

The Dragon Isles

Dragon Islands

Whitestone Isle

Whitestone Isle

What cartographers thought the lands of Klarn looked like originally

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A race that has been present since the Age of Man is recently come to the mainland. How their presence will be felt remains to be seen.

Ages of Klarn

The current campaign is set within the Fourth Age of Klarn. These Ages include:

  1. Dark Ages
  2. The Age of the Undying
  3. Age of Man
  4. The Age of the Dragon

The stage set within Klarn can be defined by the internal struggles between the Lords of Mendelland. These immortals have near god-like power, but they themselves are no where near perfect and they each have their own agendas. They are revered whether as gods, avatars, demons or legendary figures throughout Klarn. They make their homes in many places but most specifically within Mendelland, their city hidden within the Darkhaunt Woods. They have very little to do with the people of the world in daily life. All of the Lords are reclusive. They avoid direct conflict between each other, rather they work through surrogates … the heroes and villains of the day to achieve their goals. Most often their presence is scarcely felt.

The Lords of Mendelland have long parleyed with the other powers of existence. It was through alliances with these others powers that Klarn came to be, and ever since then, The Dawn of Time, the Lords have guarded Klarn jealously.

Summary – Klarn

Type: Extra-dimensional


Environment: Earth-like

The lands of Klarn include a number of land masses including: the Hardland Sea, the Mystic Isles, Perilous Isle, Monster Isle, the floating Dragon Isles, the Land of the Dead, and the Unknown Continent.


Oceans: the Frosty Sea, the Sea of Eternity, the Bay of Grace and the Misty Sea.


Rivers: the Great River, the River Swift, the River Rage, and the Elsir River.


Greater Lakes: Forbidden Lagoon, Pool of Tears, and Crater Lake.


Regions: The mainland land includes: the dreaded Region of Shadow and it’s Heart of Evil, the Great Northland, the Icy Wastes, the Crooked Spine, the Giant’s Shield Mountains, the Great Marsh, the Desert Shrand-Skim, the Crystal Caverns, Goblin Spire, Flame-moss Moor, the Darkhaunt Woods, the Forbidden Land, the Rainbow Dells, the Twin Demon Peaks, the Sky Steppes, the Golden Glen, the Dragon Fang Mountains, and the Circle Gates Mountains among many others.


Additional Landmarks: the Shrine of the Dawning Miracle, the Tombs of Limbo, Lord Gates, and Nightmare Grotto.


City-States and Other Settlements: the City of Seven Dark Delights, the City of the Mad, the City of the Damned, the City of the Unclean, the City of Sinners, Overlord City, Twilight City and Sayre, Other Settlements: Nanty-Glo, Treehaven, Brindol, Fisherfolk Point, Overlook, Thunderhold, Raven’s Keep, and Mendelland. Note: Most places are known by a variety of names, different names at different places.


Religion: All the traditional D&D Gods have worshipers along with many others. The major difference in the realm of Klarn is the eight Lords of Mendelland. These being exhibit godlike power and influence within Klarn. Some of them are worshipped as gods. Lord Magnus has worshippers and a church, he is recognized as the founder of Pax Tharkas (AKA: The City of Sinners, home of the High Clerist’s Tower). And Tiamat, and Gaea have worshipper spread out throughout the known planes, but none of the Lords of Mendelland are less important or powerful than any other. The great cities all trace their founding to one or more of these lords. Travelers from legendary Mendelland speak freely of their lords but for the rest of Klarn the lords are an enigma. They are legends talked about in histories often blamed or given credit for a variety of occurrences of both major and minor relevance. Respect of these lords grants travelers from Mendelland a limited about of freedom within the jurisdictions of the city-states.