SOW Cult of Ishtar

Campaign Background – Cult of Ishtar

Cult of Ishtar

Sphere: Secret Knowledge, prophecy, future


Respect and acquire knowledge, especially knowledge that was once lost. Knowledge is the most powerful force on Klarn.
Value reason and sound thought over emotion and rash action.
Educate yourself, your children, and your allies.


The Path of Light
Core Doctrines
          As the Dream of the Age shapes the world, the world can shape the Dream in turn.
The core belief is that a practioner need not necessarily pray, nor tak up arms against the servants of the Dark. Living a life devoted to the Light—improving one’s own spiritual understanding, aiding one’s comrades to do the same, and following the precets of goodness and freedom—will invariably cause the world to tilt away from the darkness.
That said, many of the Path of Light’s adherents, particularly in recent generations, believe that a more active stance is in order.