SOW Cult of Gaia

Campaign Background – Cult of Gaia

Cult of Gaia

Sphere: Nature, judgement, wrath


Druidic Sects:

Wardens of the Wood
maintain balance between the wilds and the civilized world
hunt unnatural creatures and strive to destroy fiends, undead, and aberrations.
Work with people teaching agriculture and animal husbandry that work in harmony with nature.
Protect the innocent—whether that means protecting nature from humanity or visa versa.

Civilization is the enemy, a corrupting force that must be driven back or destroyed before it deals irrepairabl dmage to the true world.
Magic is the epitome of unnatural—twisting the laws of nature and creating deadly effects that were never meant to exist.
Cities and other physical manifestations are next on the list.
Clerics traffic with otherworldly (and thus unnatural) spirits, thus not much better than wizards.

Children of Winter
Embrace death as part of the natural order, disease, storm, and blight play a vital role in the cycle of life weeding out the weak and infirm.
Civilization draws people away from the natural cycle and protects the weak.
Winter is harsh, but necessary and the strong shall survive and prosper.

Defend nature against the unnatural, particularly aberrations.
Outsiders have not place in the natural order of Klarn and must be dismissed and portals to their planes sealed.
Undead and similar creatures are an abomination and should be destroyed.
Magical beasts (even if created through a breeding program) are a natural result of the world and should be protected.

Life is a wild dance and a celebration to be embraced.
Emulate the fey in your interactions. Spread joy and laughter to those who deserve it.