SOW Cult of Darklens

Campaign Background – Cult of Darklens

Cult of Darklens

Sphere: Destruction of the Lords, self-divinity


Cults of the Darkness Below
The Cults of Darkness Below have not core doctrines, because the cults have no unified beliefs or objectives; there are as many gods and as many goals as there are cults.
Some cults have goals that are, although clearly mad, at least vaguely comprehensible to those outside their ranks. Some want to raise a particular demon or other power from the Great Darkness. Some want to acquire power for themselves in their patron’s name, to destroy the world, or to open a gate to the Far Realms or the Elemental Chaos. Crazy, yes, but there is some method to this madness. Others have goals that are so mad as to be utterly unfathomable.  A priest might send cultists forth to rip the tongues from anyone who has ever uttered a certain name. One of the lunatic families found in the Great Empire might believe that if it sacrifices enough sentients during the birth of a child, that child will be born perfect, even divine. Some cults’ actions are impossible to predict because they are being driven by their leader’s dreams, or they are acting on the commands of creatures that are not human.