Lords of Mendelland

Campaign Background – Lords of Mendelland

Lords of Mendelland

Lords at play


There are only eight true Lords
Three are good
Three are evil
And two are undecided

  1. Ishtar
  2. Majere
  3. Magnus
  4. Tiamat
  5. Grithstane
  6. Malakon
  7. Mendel
  8. Gaia


And there is one Anti-Lord

  1. Darklens


Most other gods function through the Lords. For example, Grithstane is Vecna’s proxy in Mendelland. In some exceptions god stowed away … both Dwarves and Elves bought their own when the world was new and in its infancy. The Dwarves built or rebuilt many of the cities and the Elves helped people adjust to the new world. Both Elves and Dwarves came from Feywild. Their pantheons pre-existed and their god came with them but their gods are limited within Mendelland to the degree that the Lords are required as proxies for their power. Should the Lords abandon the world, no gods would be able to reach their faithful. Some say this has happened or will happen–certainly it is something that would bring another cataclysm upon the land.

Lord Most common followers’ Alignment Area of Influence
Ishtar Chaotic Good Secret Knowledge, Future, Prophecy
Majere Good Civilization, Study, Philosophy
Magnus Lawful Good Justice, Honor, Protection
Tiamat Chaotic Evil Wealth, Greed, War
Grithstane Evil Death, Corruption, Decay
Malakon Lawful Evil Power, Psyche, Tyranny
Mendel Chaotic / Unaligned Music, History, Theft
Gaia Lawful / Unaligned Nature, Judgment, Wrath
Darklens Chaotic Evil (Anarchy) Destruction of the Lords, Self-worship

Nature of the Lords

The Lords were once mortals who have gained immense power and true immortality and so they vascillate between a desire to be worshipped as gods (either out of desire or out of necessity) and a desire to merely be a guiding influence on a people who must find their own gods. That said there are cults to each of the Lords where individuals who are dedicated to the precepts of that Lord congregate. These cults vary from academic gatherings, to terrorist organizations, to outright churches.

Knightly Orders

In each age since the destruction of Darklens there has arisen an order of Knighthood that responds to the threat that was posed in that age. The oldest of these knighthoods is the Knights of Light, next came the Knights of the Sword and most recently the Knights of Bahumat have been established (whether the Knights of Bahumat turn out to be a true lasting knighthood remains to be seen, but a prophet of Ishtar declared them a true knighthood though this has been contested in some lands in particular in the City-State of the World Overlord). While they are not directly under the control of any Lord or Cult or Church, they are strongly affiliated with certain of the Lords, in particular Lord Magnus.

The Knights of Light
Primary Patron: Magnus (Bahumat) (strongly affiliated with Gaia (Melora/Arwani) as well however)
Primary focus:  Destroy the Cult of Grithstane (thus they are foes of undead in particular and to a lesser degree anarchy)

The Knights of the Sword
Primary Patron: Magnus (Bahumat) (strongly affiliated with Majere (Erathis) as well however)
Primary focus:  Resist the corrupting influence of the Cult of Malakon (thus they are foes of tyranny and coercion and to a lesser extent psionics and "witchcraft")
Note: there are two subgroups within this order one that is strongly pro-human and one that is strongly pro-all races

The Knights of Bahamut
Primary Patron: Magnus (Bahumat) (moderately affiliated with Mendel (Avandra/The Traveler) as well)
Primary focus:  Resist the corrupting influence of the Cult of Tiamat (thus they are foes of greed and unjust war, and to a lesser degree foes of evil dragons)