SOW Dragonborn of Klarn

Campaign Background – Dragonborn of Klarn


Briefly this is what the dragonborn know/believe about the world:

  1. Dragonkind entered the world of Klarn during ‘The Dark Age’. Great Io, the Ninefold Dragon, the Swallower of Shades, the Great Eternal Wheel, the Sire of All Creation was slain but not before first having a child–a small, simple-minded dragon called Vorel. Vorel’s name means "beautiful" in Draconic. Vorel was beautiful, perfect of scale and form. When Io was slain during the Primordial War a pair of children, male and female rose from Io’s remains: Bahamut and Tiamat were their names. They in turn produced children that combined the best traits of each. The two were immediate rivals, and they looked to Vorel to choose a favorite between them, but Vorel would not. After many failed schemes to make herself look better and Bahamut worse, Tiamat hatched a diabolical plan–to slay Vorel and frame Bahamut for the awful deed. Vorel discovered the plot and hid with the help of Lords of Mendelland and they hid Vorel from Tiamat within their new world, calling Vorel, Mondragon, which meant "first of dragonkind". Magic entered the world of Klarn upon Mondragon’s tail and the fey followed its path.
  2. Tiamat turned utterly to hatred and Evil, while her brother Bahamut, ever her rival, turned to Good in order to oppose her. Eventually they tracked their wayward sibling to the world of Klarn and opened parley with the Lords of Mendelland who had offered Mondragon sanctuary. Bahamet worked out an alliance with the Lord Magnus who became Bahumat’s proxy, the Lord of the North Wind. Tiamat consulted with Lord Malakon demanding the surrender of Vorel. He told her that Mondragon was necessary within the World of Klarn for without the dragon’s magic they would all be at the mercy of the Dark Lord of Klarn. In her impatience she decided to kill this ‘Dark Lord’ herself so as to secure the assistance of the Lords. So together with her progeny, the chromatic dragons, she surrounded and attacked the Dark Lord utterly destroying him but his dismembered body would not die and she and hers were cursed in the process giving birth to "The Dragon Isles" of Klarn where Tiamat’s blood-line, the chromatics, suffered under the Dark Lord’s curse. At that time, under Magnus’s leadership the metallics exiled themselves to the "Mystic Isles" across the "Sea of Eternity". Thus dragons were seen no more upon the mainland of Klarn by the decree of the Lords of Mendelland.
  3. This came to an end in the current age now called ‘The Age of the Dragon’ when fifteen years past "The Fane of Scales", Klarn’s black moon crashed into the surface of Klarn killing tens of thousands, ending the dragons’ curse forever. Since that time things have been quiet, some would say too quiet; it is a near certainty that the Dark Queen of Dragons and her lineage have returned to their evil ways.

Upon Klarn all dragonkind was scattered during the Dark Age of the world. As dragons shed blood throughout the world battling the Dark Lord and his minions the dragons’ homes where splintered creating islands of vast continents, such was the origin of both the Mystic and the Dragon Isles. At the conclusion of the God War the metallic vassals of Bahamet grieved for the fallen. All dragonkind had suffered horribly by involving themselves in the Lords’ disputes. Weary they migrated to the Mystic Isles of Klarn.

On the mainland humankind was still in its infancy, made up of tribes and little else. They would not have survived if not for the help of both dwarves and elves who were guiding the humans to civilization. Thus, the dragons were unprepared for a threat from beyond the sea, but then ships crested the waves carrying humans, ripe with the blessings and curses of civilization, during the Age of the Undying. Still the great dragons paid no heed to the tiny invaders. Even those who saw the sails slipping quietly towards their islands did not pause to consider their danger. It wasn’t until the armored horde swept across the islands, fearless, using their new found powers over life and death that the dragons took notice. The humans came with heavily armed and armored dragon slayers systematically slaughtering those in their path, it was then that the dragons realized that even their great power could not stand alone against such an organized invasion. The dragons withdrew to the most remote and hidden of the islands.

Facing annihilation the dragons turned to their advocate among the Lords and the Lord of the North Wind, Magnus, answered their call. Taking on draconic form he lent the dragons his seed. Dragonborn sprang from this union, ready to serve dragons, grieved at the loss of Io’s spilled blood. Dragonborn families formed clans and extended groups emerged unified by geographic proximity and similar temperaments. A large number of clans dedicated themselves to serving dragons.

As the dragonborn numbers grew, they extended their authority over lesser races they found eking out meager existences upon the isles. These races including: kobolds, hobgoblins, ogres, yuan-ti, lizard men and bullywugs. When humans were found they were treated as squatters and they too were conquered and assimilated into the dragonborn culture. They either died fighting or became vassals to dragonkind along with the other minor cultures they encountered on the Mystic Isles. 

Dragonborn are not familiar with the mainland of Klarn or its people beyond the rumors and the stories told by the travelers, merchants and scholars of the isles who ply their trades within the city. Similarly, dragonborn are mostly unknown and unheard of upon the mainland. Some dragonborn are recently arrived on the mainland from the Mystic Isles, many from the island named ‘Majyst’.

Dragon Isles - Clear Lake

On Majyst, the greatest city is Clear Lake, located in the northern reaches of the island’s thick forest. The city is carved into the rolling hills that surround a large, isolated body of water. It is a community of great learning, peaceful existence, and tremendous freedom … not only for dragonborn but for their vassals as well.

Recently, strange new breeds of ‘dragonborn’ visited Majyst recruiting others to join them in a mission of vengeance and conquest against the humans of the mainland who had so abused them. The appearance these new dragonborn is strange to the established dragonborn of the isles. Some have wings, others did not; uniformly all the newcomers seem hardened and cruel.

Cruel Dragonborn

It is with these newcomers that other dragonborn have arrived at the mainland of Klarn, and having witnessed the depravity of their attack upon Overlook some few of the dragonborn have determined to stop their cruel brethren.

Upon their arrival on the mainland the dragonborn were intrigued to discover that here too is one order of knighthood which exists both on the Mystic Isles and the mainland. This holy order, ‘The Knights of Light’ traces its roots back to the Age of the Undying when the order was organized to combating the undead scourge of the day. While there is currently no formal communication between the chapters located on the mainland and that which exists on the island, they do share a common heritage.