SOW People of Interest


lord aaron jarmaan Lord Aaron Jarmaan (male human noble) Lord Aaron is a
widowed man, 50 years old. His wife fell down stairs in the keep years ago and
broke her neck. He has two sons and a daughter, all full grown and married now.

Though he never
remarried, he’s always been fond of the ladies (some whisper that this was the
case even before his wife’s accident). He’s known to spend time with at least
two women in Brindol, though he keeps his personal life as private as possible.
Each of the ladies “rents” a small house from him.

The Jarmaan family owns a lot of property
both within & outside of the city. Most of this is rental property. The one
active business Lord Jarmaan has is a restaurant in Brindol, the Succulent
Salmon. This is one of the finest restaurants in town, frequented by all of the
city’s upper class. Whatever else Aaron might be, he’s an excellent cook.

The populace of
Brindol generally regards Lord Jarmaan as a capable if somewhat aloof administrator,
and the town and its surrounding environs have grown strong under his
leadership in the years since the Red Hand invaded.

Text Box: Lord Arron Jarmann, Leader of the Brindol Council

Lord Warden Harrik Orenna (male human noble) Harrik Orenna is the
political leader of the Golden Lions, the city guard. However, the allegiance
of the men is much stronger toward Kartenix, the Captain of the Town Guard.

Lord Eoffram Troyas Lord Eoffram Troyas (male half-elf merchant)
Lord Troyas is the newest councilmember. He’s well mannered and has a
reputation for being cunning in his dealings. The most liberal of the council,
Troyas is swift to act and seems to have a knack for being the first in town to
know about events. Fresh information is probably a valued commodity for this
man. Troyas is the type to exchange favors, but keeps the scales tipped in his

Lord Noel Prasad (male halfling merchant)

Lord Prasad is
the head of the River Bargemen guild. He is a a shrewd business man and a
jocular fellow who is known to joke that rank in the Brindol Council should be
reorganized by height – starting with the smallest first.

Lord Eshan Jarmaan (male human noble)

Eshan Jarmaan is
Lord Jarmaan’s eldest son and likely heir. He has been on the council for three
years and has no hesitation reminding others of his position. He is a known
gambler and can often be found in Ilya’s cardhouse playing various games of
chance. While he is a bit haughty, he is acknowledged to be an honest and fair
player, and is quite popular as he often buys drinks for his fellow players
when he’s on a winning streak.

Lord Damon Gunter (male dwarf noble)
The gruff and blunt Lord Gunter is the head of the Prospectors guild. A
reasonably powerful Cleric of Kord, he was elected unanimously as leader of the
Prospectors guild due to his valor during the siege of Brindol. While not as
charismatic as any of the other merchant lords in town, he nevertheless
commands a significant amount of respect due to the level of control the
Prospectors guild has over the movement of metal goods throughout the Vale.

Lady Ariane Sanja
Lady Ariane Sanja (female tiefling merchant)

Lady Sanja is
perhaps the least well liked, most frightening and strangest member of the
Brindol Council. She is concerned first and foremost with the acquisition of
coin, both for herself and for the city. She constantly bickers with Lords
Orenna and Gunter over the cost of the militia, but for reasons not fully known
seems to have the ear of both the Lords Jarmaan.

Natalia Isidoro
(female human noble)

Lady Isidoro the
scion of a family that dates back as far as the Jarmaans. She is elderly and
generally ineffective. Her son Andrei has been waiting for her seat on the
Council for upwards of fifteen years now, but she shows no signs of aging.

Lady Maribel Kabiri (female human noble)

Maribel Kabiri
is the head of the Weavers guild, and fiercely proud of her position. She began
life as a commoner and worked her way up through shrewd bargaining and good
leadership, rising through the ranks to become a manager at the young age of
seventeen, head of a mill at twenty, and leader of the Weavers guild at thirty
(when the prior leader passed away). The Weavers guild has grown strong under
her guidance, and textile goods manufactured in Brindol (and powered by the
waters of the



) have begun to be
carried by merchants to places as far away as Astrazalian.

KaladKalad (male dwarven paladin)

Last survivor of the Monstery of the Sundered Fist. He is a tall, heavily muscled dwarf with beard torn out and haunted look. He is deeply pious, serious, reserved and withdrawn. Haunted by the fate of his brethren. After spending hours in deep contemplation and prayer, Kalad has recently decided the time has come to rebuild the Order of the Sundered Chain.


Alys is messenger known throughout the Elsir Vale. She is a wealthy landowner but her wanderer’s spirit keeps her traveling maybe to bring her closer to her Goddess Gaia. Her career as a messenger has got Alys into to trouble more than a few times but her faith keeps her strong so even in the face of the beating she has taken from the Wicked Fang jailor she remains positive and she recovers quickly.

Freeriders (adventuring party)


The Freeriders formed up six months before the attack at Bordin’s Watch in Elsir’s Crossing. They left the small community and headed east, where they dealt with a foul cabal of cultists in an isolated town called Beacon. After, they returned to Brindol for some down time they learn of the impending threat. Like Brindol’s Brigade the Freeriders have been doing their part in defending their homeland.

Megan Shiftblade is the pretty daughter of a poor farmer and far from Brindol. When the Red Hand invaded the Vale, the goblins slew her family and left her scarred – physically and emotionally. She has spent the last decade honing her fighting skills vowing she would give her life if necessary to protect other innocents from the encroaching darkness so that others would never have to suffer as she had been forced to endure.

She is the Freeriders leader and she treats the others as her extended family and she is protective of them to a fault. She is fearless in battle. She has a sword-thin attractive figure, and she keeps her blond hair cut short. There is no missing the vicious scar that runs from her forehead down to the base of her left cheek.

Ragnum Dourstone is the heart of the Freeriders, a graying dwarf priest of Moradin. Born and raised in Overlook, he left the city in disgust after witnessing the decay in his church. Although estranged of his kin, he was not willing to abandon the city in its time of need so he convinced his companions to make the journey back to Overlook when heard the orcs were attacking.

Ragnum is just over 4 1/2 ‘ tall and weight in at a sturdy 200 pounds. He has auburn hair streaked with gray and he has a thick braided beard. Gruff and serious, he is a true believer and duty and honor are his implacable qualities.

Sylen Leafrunner was born within Westdeep, a place where the elves are less xenophobic than those found in the Witchwood. Sylen left his woodland home disagreeing with their distrust and remembering how his people had once defended the Vale against the Red Hand. At some point he fell in with Megan and a love affair grew that has endured over the years although he still seems some how distant and unsure of his place within the realms of humans and dwarves.

Sylen is whip thin, with long brown hair and angular features that seem reminiscent of a fox. He almost exclusively wears hunting garb dyed in greens and browns. He has always been outwardly friendly towards the Brigade without saying much about himself.

Ghena Tenson in the Freerider arcanist and she is a spell caster of some talent. Ghena was apprenticed to a wizard who helped save the Elsir Vale from the Red Hand a decade past. When she had learned all she could, she left in find her own place in the world. Perhaps destined for greatness she is extremely focused and competent.

Ghena is short, pudgy, with a round face and smallish eyes. She has shoulder-length blond hair, and a face full of freckles. She travels lightly and carries a long black staff with silver ferrules at either end.

Madrick is the oddest member of the Freeriders, not at all what someone generally expects of an adventurer. He says that he lived in a forest home with the Feywild with his pet raccoon named Bandit. However misshapen giants he calls formorians apparently raided his home, and it was only by his quick wit and a timely warning by Bandit that together the pair escaped. Unfortunately for him he became confused in their flight and found that he had become lost within the natural world. Confused and surprised and more than a little homesick, Madrick took up with the Freeriders who took him in and he and Bandit have remain with them ever since.

Madrick is short, with pale skin, and large black eyes. He wear brown and gray clothing which helps him stay hidden. It is obvious that Bandit is his best friend in the world and the raccoon is never far from his side.

Belazenda is the newest member of the Freeriders. She joined the group shortly after they started being targeted by the Lost Ones. To shore up their numbers they need an extra pair of hands and she seemed to show up at the right time. She was looking for a party to hook up with and proved her worth to them. She seems to have an ulterior agenda that she has not revealed to them but Ghena seems convinced that it is not something that is at cross purposes to the interests of the Freeriders and so they have accepted her into their ranks.

She claims to be an agent of fate and her form changes as the influence of fate waxes and wanes upon her. At one time she may be a comely wench dressed in provocative clothing that leaves little to the imagination; while at other times she appears as an old crone who wears shades of black and grey; and finally she sometimes appears as a young maiden dressed in purest white.


Former Prisoners of Sinruth


Jalissa: An Acolyte of Istar … very pretty. She is trained in Arcana and she has mastered a number of rituals. A somewhat co-dependent but caring person … vulnerable to hero worship which can make seem somewhat like a camp follower.

Sertanian: The castellan of the Hall of Great Valor. Elderly, stubborn. He is a former soldier who had served during the great ‘Red Hand’ invasion. He bears a burning hatred of hobgoblins.

Kartenix Kenth: Former Captain of Brindol’s Guard. He was captured during Sinruth’s raid. He never cooperated and constant fought to escape. Eventually he was overpowered by the ettercaps who webbed him up and killed him.

Thurann Kenth: Now 9-years old … he is the sole survivor of his family. He is brave, and extremely observant. Outwardly, he is very adult and capable of handling any ordeal. While he was captured he often escaped and stole food and water for Jalissa. He could have possibly fled but he was unwilling to leave the others behind. Growing up, raised without a mother he was often left to his own devices and he gained skills unexpected of the son of a Guard Captain including a +7 to Athletics and a +9 to Thievery.  

Adronsius Ulkharn: Dwarven master alchemist.

Mirtala: Cook at The Red Door inn.

Zerriksa Azthan: Ill-tempered old woman, rumoured to be a witch.