SOW Zefram Troyas

Zefram Troyas Wielder of the Power Cosmic

Zefram Troyas Jeroen Boch


Quotes: “”Did you think mere cackling demons could overcome the Power Cosmic?”
“Those to whom no distant horizons beckon … for whom no challenges remain … though they have inherited a Universe … they possess only empty sand!”

Background: Zefram was sacrificed by his family in their bargain with the heavens. In exchange for his life they were granted the power of a star pact. Though they thought him dead for many years, the stars saw fit to accept Zefram as a sacrifice and return him to life filled with their power. His mortal body could not contain the cosmic power while it was growing and so he remained in seclusion from the world while his body matured and grew accustomed to the power cosmic. Recently he celebrated his 21st birthday and was able to leave his nurturing womb and enter the world. At first wandering the Feywild he has recently been able to return to the mortal world where he found his brother, Eoffram.

When asked if he harbors any ill will at his family’s willingness to sacrifice his life in the pursuit of power, he laughs and says that their sacrifice blessed him beyond anything they might have provided to him. He is now a child of the stars and more blessed than he ever would have been as a mere mortal.

Appearance: Dressed in fine clothing as befits a noble, Zefram is a striking figure. Almost always accompanied by his familiar, The Cosmic Scroll of Dar Niron, power and presence roll from his frame. Even at rest his body twinkles with the energies of the power cosmic. When enraged he is a figure to fear.

Roleplaying Notes: Newly returned to the world of mortals, Zefram is, while confident and diplomatic, still getting his bearings and as such is more reserved than he might otherwise be. He knows that he has a purpose in life, but still needs to find it. “Time is long and fate is fickle … My destiny still lies before me! And where it beckons — there shall I go!”

He evidences three or perhaps four distinct personality traits depending on which phase he is in. When in the sun phase he is driven and focused. While in the moon phase he is whimsical and slightly lunatic. When in the stars he is reserved, reflective and pensive. If there is a fourth personality it is the one present when no phase is strong. Then his manner is very much like you would expect for mortal newly returned from the Feywild.

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Eoffram Troyas (brother)