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Ssarina Ssarina


Quotes: “I am true Dragonborn. We represent truth, justice and the way of honor.”

Background: Ssarina is an emissary from Majyst. Concerned over the sinister appearance and attitude demonstrated by the dragonborn that recently visited her home within the Mystic Isles. Ssarina found their message of conquest and vengeance alarming and so she followed them to the mainland of Klarn to the Dwarven city of Overlook. Where she witnessed their attack upon the city.

Having discovered the deadly seriousness of their goals and having confirmed her worst fears while observing the viciousness of the ‘draconian’ attack upon Overlook Ssarina judged that these dragon-spawn lacked any sense of honor. They were bent on wanton destruction … murderous and they saved their greatest efforts for unarmed, weak non-combatants.

Ssarina would have none of this; the draconians went too far. She disguised herself in heavy robes and snuck into Overlook, her nature disguised and sought out the city Elders. Initially she was met with mistrust but she surrendered herself to Captain Dauralis, Overlook’s human Watch Commander and eventually she convinced the Watch Captain to allow her to speak with Counselor Sledgemore.

Ssarina spoke to the Counselor under heavy guard, but she caught his ear with the sincerity of her message and by providing the Elder with the benefit of her valuable insights about the attackers. This turned into trust when she selflessly risked her own life defending the venerable Counselor as they were suddenly caught up in one of the many the battles that raged throughout the city. Having saved the Counselor Ssarina was allowed a private meeting with the Council of Elders at Caer Overlook.

Within the fortress Ssarina detailed the atrocities that she had witnessed and offered the Council her sword in the defense of Overlook seeking to counter the evil she had seen. With Ssarina’s help the city was saved but with evil is still lingering within the Elsir Vale her mission goes on, Sarina carrying the banner of true dragonborn with her wherever her mission takes her.

Appearance: Ssarina is a scaled humanoid dressed in plate armor that has a distinctive pattern on it. She wields a longsword that shares the symbol that appears on her armor.

Roleplaying Notes: General Dragonborn background

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