SOW Ramok, Get Up

Ramok, Get Up

Get Up

"Get up!"

Ramok was still trying to figure out what he was doing on the ground. He remembered being on the ground a lot recently and wanting to get up. So he opened his eyes and stood up.

He found himself in a cave with a small man or woman. He couldn’t be sure since the person was covered in a heavy cloak. It looked like it was probably a halfling or a gnome. Maybe it was Bingus or Bairdyn.

"Is that you Bingus? Bairdyn?" he asked.

The cloaked figure answered, "No, I am not your two friends. Though I hope that you will consider me your friend. I cannot tell you my name for fear that it will put our plans in jeopardy, but I am a friend of yours and hope that you will trust me in that."

Ramok shrugged and figured as long as the man didn’t attack him (he knew he was a man from the sound of his voice) he could just as easily be a friend as an enemy at this point.

"Where are we? Where are my friends?"

"They are not here. We are in the dreamlands. You bravely defended your companions and so your spirit has journeyed here to continue to defend them in the spirit realms. They continue to fight for the people in the mortal realm."

Ramok didn’t quite understand what the man was saying, but it kind of made sense so he nodded.


something about how the dreamlands work…


something about defending the boy finding him in a city with gnomes? orion? lama amya?


As Ramok stood guard he watched the boy sleeping. It seemed odd to him that anyone would be sleeping in the land of dreams but the cloaked figure said that some things would work like they did in the mortal world and eating and sleeping must be part of that.

At first Ramok didn’t notice the slight silvery shape darting in and out of the edge of his vision. But finally it resolved itself and he noticed a small beetle like thing skittering closer and closer to the boy. It was very shiny, so shiny that it was like looking into a mirror and as Ramok peered closely at it he saw reflections of himself looking back and for a moment was dizzy with vertigo. He recovered himself just in time to see the creature within inches of the boy’s head. Quickly Ramok lept over and batted the insect away from the child. He howled in pain as he did so as the edges of the beetle were as sharp as shards of shattered mirror as well. Again he had a brief sense of vertigo and…it was hard to describe…but best as perhaps not being himself…then he smashed his boot hard upon the creature and smashed in into thousands of tiny bits and ground it into a fine dust making sure that there was nothing left. He quickly checked the boy to make sure that the creature had not harmed him and the boy seemed uninjured.

He kept a vigilant watch for the rest of the evening but didn’t see any more of the creatures.

The next day he returned to the cave and again found the shrouded figure who asked, "How fares the boy? Did he survive the night?"

Ramok smiled and nodded, "I defended him well. There was this beetle…"

The cloaked man interrupted, "No, no, no! Do not tell me what happened! This is the land of dreams; it is not the mortal realm. I can not know what you did. I only wish to know that you kept the boy safe."

Ramok was a little disappointed that he wasn’t going to be able to tell how he had defended the boy but he nodded again and said, "I defended him. He is fine."

The cloaked figure sighed, "Thank you, Ramok. You do not realized how great a service you have rendered both to me and to the world. I believe now however that it is time for you to travel to the city of XYZ where further adventure awaits you. Good luck and may the Lords’ blessings be upon you."

Later that day the cloaked figure approached the boy and whispered something to him. If one had been close enough to hear it might have sounded something like, "asdf"

Later in a tavern Ramok was able to recount the story of the beetle and a sage overheard and said, "Ah, yes, that is a dangerous creature knows as a fragminder. They are a foul creature that nests in the brains of certain people and when their young hatch they cause the individual to suffer from multiple personality disorder of a magical variety such that the person is actually physically manifested in multiple bodies. Typically the personalities are drastically different from each other as well and many are extremely violent and anti-social. You were very fortunate to have saved that young fellow. He would likely have become a socio-path or somethign similar had you not intervened."