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Ramok Ramok

Quote: "Feel my wrath!"


Ramok grew up in a remote untamed mountainous region with his father Vimak and mother, Nalla.  Ramok spent most of his time with his mother, Nalla, but idealized his father.  Although in truth, Ramok knew of his father, more than he knew his father. 

By day Ramok’s father, Vimak, would hunt both for survival and to eliminate any dark creatures that might pose a threat to the family.  Although they lived in a former troll cave (forcefully cleared out the previous month by Vimak), Nalla made it a warm and nurturing home. 

Ramok’s early childhood was mostly solitary with only his family as company and the occasional visitors who came to see Vimak.  Vimak would then leave, sometimes for weeks at a time.  Ramok never learned what he did, but instinctively knew it was dangerous.  Accordingly Ramok never had the opportunity to be around many people and learn social skills, and although he was a loner, it was not by choice. 

As a child, Ramok learned how to fight from Vimak and how to live off the land from Nalla.  When out exploring with Nalla, Ramok was almost as surprised to learn that Nalla was more than a capable fighter as the would-be bandits and hungry monsters were.

Vimak was a tireless warrior whose strength and courage made him both famous and hated.  Nearby Dwarves and Elves appreciated Vimak’s efforts and traded with Vimak and his family or simply gave them gifts.  In return, they knew that they could count on Vimak to help them with any trouble.  But when you hunt trouble, trouble hunts you back.

What or who killed Ramok’s family is unknown, even by him.  Ramok only remembers running.  He has long since blocked out the memories of Nalla’s screams or Vimak’s wounds…there were many.  They came in the night, but no one surprised Vimak or Nalla.  The first wave of attackers were themselves ambushed by the couple and driven back.  The second wave knew that surprise had not been achieved, but this did not help them much as they too were driven back.  But there were so many and they were prepared.  Which of Vimak’s many enemies had orchestrated the attack is unknown. 

Ramok was told to run and he did, for weeks.  The first few weeks were almost as horrible as the night he became an orphan.  Although few children were better trained to live off the land, it didn’t make being alone any easier.  For weeks he ran only stopping for water and some food, never staying in any place for long.  Although he never saw any signs of pursuit, he never stayed long enough to find out. 

Ramok’s only tie to his parents is a magical amulet that Vimak gave him after returning from someplace where he had been for more than two weeks.  Although there is a symbol etched in the amulet, Ramok has never looked into its significance as it has been part of him for so long that he never thinks about it.

Ramok’s strength and skills allowed him to survive his lonely teenage years and eventually led him to some degree of professional success.  He worked as a guide, sentry and eventually a bodyguard.  Ramok can tap his pain and anger and direct it at his foes with ease.  Although Ramok has few friends, his commitment to protect those that cannot protect themselves has made him one of the most sought after bodyguards in the area. 

Ramok still feels guilt and shame about running away from his parents and plans on someday trying to find his childhood home and track down those responsible.  And when that time comes, he will run again, but this time toward the enemy.  Maybe then, he will be able to let go of the rages that always lurk near the surface.

Appearance: Goliath Barbarian.

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