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Quote: "I’ll make it quick."

Background: Maxyzne is a half-orc who feels out of place among her own kind. She is small and frail looking for a half-orc and her skin is the bright green of an orc. As a result she was pushed to the side of society and mistreated. She learned to be quick and hide and when found to strike back quickly. She was raised by orcs for the first few years of her life but most of her orc family was killed in the Red Hand of Doom campaign. After that she was occasionally a slave in the mines in Red Rock and occasionally a thief on the streets of Brindol and Outlook.

When she was ten she was found by a member of the Maat, a shadowy group of individuals with a cell in Overlook. They have became her family and she has done many odd jobs for them. For a brief while Shaden also trained with them though he quickly found their discipline too much and his hate too strong and so he left. Unfortunately, the Maat do not allow one to leave so easily. They tasked Maxyzne with killing Shaden for leaving the group. She has so far convinced them that they should give her the chance to try to bring him back into the fold.

Appearance: Looking more like her human in build but more like her orc in appearance, Maxyzne is both beautiful and ugly. She is small and frail looking for a typical half-orc. Her skin is a bright green, more typical of her orc parentage. She typically wears loose flowing gowns over blood-red leather battle harness which, truth be told looks a bit more like lingerie than armor. About her neck she has a brooch with a symbol of an eye inscribed with the symbol of Malakon embossed on it. In combat she fights wielding two wicked longswords.

Roleplaying Notes: Maxyzne is fairly cold-blooded though she can tap into a rage that is equal parts a result of her painful childhood and a tapping into the Spirit of the Maat.

Plot Points/Information:

A Simple Job



In Battle Harness (what she wears under the dress above) channeling Black Dragon rage.

Maxyzne - In Battle Harness