SOW Jimmy the Acolyte

Jimmy the Acolyte

Jimmy the Acolyte Jimmy the Acolyte


Quote: “"Its been a tough year for us; donations have been few and far between."

Background: Jimmy is an Acolyte at the Shine of Bahamut in Brindol. He is currently the only caretaker of the shrine. At the age of 6, Jimmy lost his family during the Battle of Brindol and has been a ward of the temple in the 10 years since.

Appearance: Like many youth his age, Jimmy has opted for the unkempt, spiky look for his hair. He typically has a pony-tail trailing in the wind as well. His skin is pale from his many hours spent inside the shrine, but his body strong the many hours of laborious work in keeping the shrine up. His clothing has seen better days and is slightly tattered, but his armor and halberd are serviceable.

Roleplaying Notes: Jimmy is friendly and diplomatic and thus is well liked by the community and has many friends and associates, though mostly from those who are at the lower end of the socio-economic scale like Jimmy is. He is polite and still somewhat unsure of himself, but is starting to grow into his own as a young adult. Jimmy has difficulty with learning from books, but is very perceptive and has a good feel for people.

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