SOW Jerid Tamil-Wieks Maximillion

Jerid Tamil-Wieks Maximillion

Jerid Tamil-Wieks MaximillionIan Whitestone


Quote: "You are wrong! I control my destiny and you are dust blocking may way. "

Background: Jerid was a simple half-orc son to Lord Maximillion, twin brother to Shaden born on the Night of a Thousand Births. He spent his early life much like Shaden learning how to survive being at times accepted and rejected by their father while generally universally loved by their mother.

Shortly after Shaden left home to join up with the Brindol Brigade Jerid was kidnapped by cultists from the Cult of Exquisite Agony. They were convinced that he was their destined messiah who would usher in the next age of destruction. They prepared him for his role by testing and torturing him for months before finally during a final ceremony he was released from their clutches as the entire cult was wiped out in what appeared to be a failed ritual…or was it…at the end of the ritual Jerid was changed. No longer completely alive yet not dead he was a soul that was barely filled with life sustained only by his desire for vengence on the cult for their foul practices upon him and his family.

Appearance: From a distance Jerid still appears to be a half-orc, but upon closer examination his features have a palid cast as if they were drained of color. This hair has turned to the color of ash as have his nails. His skin a darker tone of burnt cinders. When he becomes angry his eyes flare to life as red burning pits. He dresses in simple clothing as would befit a noble given his father’s station and he carries the staff that he took from the cultists as part of the ceremony that transformed him.

Roleplaying Notes: Jerid currently is searching first for his brother and then perhaps for his mother as he thinks that perhaps she isn’t lost after all.

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