SOW Yu Gnuf

Yu Gnuf, Assistant Head Librarian at the Great Library in Palanthas

Yu Gnuf, Assistant Head Librarian at the Great Library in Palanthas Yu Gnuf


Quote: "Oh, my stars and garters! You know, I believe I’ve read something about that… "

Background: Oh, me? I’m just a librarian, part of the lay clergy of Ishtar. I have an idea how I got here, but am not sure I should say. I don’t know why those colleagues of mine drag me along, but they insist on it. They say I’m their lucky charm, but I don’t quite think that’s true. I’m kind of bad at fighting, you know? The best I can do with this pointy umbrella is vaguely distract someone with how much it’s dead weight in my hands.

But those folks…those folks are big heroes, and I guess they deserve it. Have you seen them fight? They’re brilliant; always get the drop on the enemy, they strike and hurl spells at a pace I can’t keep up with, their blows never fail to hit hard and strike home, they retaliate with the ferocity of a vengeful serpent, and they just seem to refuse to die.

All I ever do in battle is look silly scuttling to and fro trying to look out for my own hide while those titans slay the dragon and fell the demon. I’d like to aspire to be like them some day, but I’ll never catch up because of how big a head start they have. Still, one can dream, right?"

Appearance: Yu always dresses very smartly. A suit with vest in keeping with traditional fashion. He is never without his bowler hat and umbrella. During his first "adventure" he picked up a whip that one of the villians had dropped and uses it as a distraction mostly.

Roleplaying Notes: Yu doesn’t have any actual attacks and spends his time moving around on the battlefield avoiding being hit while assisting his allies and encouraging them to strike here and there.

Plot Points/Information: