SOW Noe of the cliff-people

Noe of the cliff-people

Noe of the Cliff-People Noe


Quotes: “"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

Background:Noe was raised by the Cliff-People, a peaceful group of varied humanoids who live in the cliffs off the coast of the Sea of Dragons. They are a people who live in harmony with nature and only have to worry occasionally about the attacks from rival humanoid groups. Noe is a spirit talker. On the vision quest that all young people undertake when they are on the verge of adulthood, he encountered is spirit. Strangely his spirit came back with him visible to all the others in the village (usually one’s spirit companion is visible only to the individual). As such he was afforded a position of elder even though he was only just a teen.

Noe helped the other elders guide his tribe wisely for a few years when suddenly spirits began to call out to Noe with increasing frequency and urgency. Eventually he was visited by one of the great spirits–The Carver–who warned that there would be great change in the village. Not sure what to do he brought the information back to the other elders.

The other elders make prayers to the gods and spirits seeking guidance and wisdom. One of the elders, Okatu, said that they had angered the gods and that they need to begin making human sacrifice until the gods were appeased. The other elders were shocked by Okatu’s suggestion and refused to listen to his words, even banishing him from the council of elders.

While they continued to deliberate, Okatu took matters into his own hand and began secretly sacrificing members of the village. At first his actions were able to be attributed to the looses that occurred occasionally when accidents happened. But eventually the elders realized that someone was killing off the villagers and discovered that it was Otaku.

The elders cornered Otaku on the edge of the cliff and were going to force him to give himself up but he jumped into the raging ocean and was never seen again. However, as soon as he hit the water, huge waves came up and began to decimate the village. Many were drowned and crushed by falling rock as the waves pounded into the cliffside.

Noe did what he could to save his friends and family, but in the end he too was washed out to sea. As he sunk below the waters he was again visited by a great spirit–Great Current. She came to him and carried him to safety on an island off the coast where his village had been.

When he had recovered he built a raft and returned to the mainland. He searched the wreckage of what was once his home but could find no suriviors. Perhaps others had survived as he had, rescued by spirits of the waters, but if so he could not find them.

He went on another vision quest to determine what his place was now in the world. During that vision a third great spirit came to him–The Monster Hunters. They said that he had a great destiny in store but that it would be a long and strange journey. He would be himself and not himself. He would die and live again. Eventually, he would join with The Monster Hunters and be reunited with his family.

When he awoke from his vision quest he knew where he must go and so set out on his journey.

Appearance: Noe wears little clothing content to experience nature as it comes. He is often accompanied by his spirit companion who usually appears a white translucent panther

Roleplaying Notes: Noe often speaks with spirits who others are unable to see.

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