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Jeroen Boch

Jeroen BochJeroen Boch


Quote: “The only means of strengthening one’s intellect is to make up one’s mind about nothing, to let the mind be a thoroughfare for all thoughts.”

Background: Not much is known of Herr Boch before he came to Brindol over 30 years ago knowing only his name. Since then he’s lived a simple life as a freeman farmer.

Appearance: Jeroen is a man of medium height and middling years. His brown
hair is long, and he keeps his beard and mustache neatly trimmed. His
face is open and friendly.

Roleplaying Notes: He is a distracted individual who has been called back from a lost season of his life. He is fiercly loyal and sometimes makes enigmatic comments and seems to be a trove of obscure knowledge, but is generally friendly. He relies on tactics rather than stregnth to defeat his enemies.

Plot Points/Information:

Every freeday he heads into the city to frequent the Antler and Thistle tavern where he spends what little free coin has managed to gather together enjoying a lager with friends he has made there. He likes to play darts, but is not very good at it.


Sharan: Jeroen stays just outside the city of Brindol with a freeholder (Sharan of Dennovar) who farms 25 acres.
Sharan has, in addition to his lands, his own small
fishing vessel. His wife’s second child died the night
after his birth, the night of Shadows. Morn, their
eldest son, claims to have seen a shade stealing the
child’s soul that night, an event which made Sharan rather
superstitious. When Jeroen arrived in Brindol, he was
welcomed to Sharan’s house and has proven to be a
valuable help to Sharan. He has been adopted into the
clan a few months after he arrived. Jeroen pays for his room and board by helping with the farming at which he works long hours, probably more than his share, as well as assisting with the fishing on rare occasions.

Walpat: A few years ago, Jeroen befriended Walpat, a deaf-mute boy. Walpat was being bullied by other children because of his inability to articulate properly. One day, Jeroen observed the boy trying to communicate with his father Marala, a local farmer; Jeroen stepped in realizing what the boy was trying to say. He had been asking his father to show him how to defend himself from the taunts of the other children. Jeroen offered to take the boy under his wing and after working the fields most days he spends an hour or so with Welpat teaching him the basics of self-defense. A few weeks ago he noticed that the boy seemed to move something without touching it; it might have been the wind or a trick of a tired mind, but Jeroen has been watching for something similiar to happen again; perhaps the boy has some undiscovered talent.

Mirtala: A widowed barmaid at the Antler and Thistle tavern. She and Jeroen courted in her youth. They were engaged to be married, but called it off under mysterious circumstances shortly after her father’s funeral. She has not had an easy life and occasionally Jeroen checks on her to make sure she is being provided for.