SOW Iroon

Iroon, Groomsman to Mistress Death



Quotes: “"…but you should have known… when you dance with Death… Death always leads"

Background: Iroon is a worshipper of Death. Raised in a land where reverence of ancestors is important and where people who control spirits are in control of the villages. He was chosen early for his aptitude with things arcane, but developed his skill at things of death after he killed his first sacrifice. The sacrifices started small – a bird, a cat, a pig–gradually they became larger and more numerous. Soon he was sacrificing flocks of sheep and even human prisoners who had been sentenced to death. As the ceremonies grew so did his power.

The elders of the village became concerned with Iroon’s growning power and seemingly unquenchable thrist for death. Thinking it best they knocked him out during one of the ceremonies and buried him alive. Thinking they were safe they returned to their previous patterns.

Three months later the entire village was found dead. It appeared that they had all died quickly and within moments of each other.

Three months after that Iroon was seen wandering the streets of Overlook. He claimed to be a death-singer. One who sings at the funeral cermonies as a way of ushering the death to their final reward. Given his knowledge of the humanoid body he has also offered his services as a healer.

Appearance: Iroon dresses in the traditional garb of his former village. Either a simple wrap of grey robes (especially when dealing with “dirty” jobs) or a modified form of white and black tuxedo wear though sans shirt and shoes. He always has a tattoo on his face most often in the shape of a skull.

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Mistress Death