SOW Asa Mantir

Asa Mantir, Gladiator for the Overlord

Asa Mantir Jeroen Boch


Quotes: “"As my Emperor commands!"

Background: Asa Mantir is the Imperial Guard for His Most Terrible Majesty, the Invincible Overlord, Hygelak
XI, the Dread Klipmaran Noble. He is the last of his tribe. The Overlord slew the rest of his tribe when they refused to aid him in his war against the Green Emperor. Asa, bound to the Overlord by an ancient treaty was forced to participate in the slaughter of his kinsmen. It was he who slew the ruling elders, but did so as a show of his loyalty to the Overlord (who secretly feared that Asa’s people might rise up against him). It was a test of both Asa and his people. The Overlord now trusts Asa more than any other creature. Asa for his part has buried himself in obedience to the Overlord as his way of showing his honor and the honor that his people deserve. At his core, Asa is a good person; however, he does not question the orders of the Overlord in any way, though he will always interpret them, where interpretatin is allowed, in such a way as to try to do the most good.

Since being reborn, Asa is unsure of his position. In his mind he is still an Imperial Guardsman. He recognizes Bingus as a former courtier in the Overlord’s court and assumes that the Overlord has given him a mission and Bingus is in charge.

Appearance: A warrior-wizard, Asa dresses in loose leather piece-meal armor. He wields a visciously curved dagger and another dagger that seems to almost float around his head. He is ascetic in most things and does not partake in ornamentation other than that to identify his station in the Imperial Guard. He has a tattoo of a dragon on his back who’s tail wraps round his waist completely that was given to him by his elders upon his appointment as Imperial Guard.

Roleplaying Notes: Unsure of his current status and the claims that others are making about his memory, he is sure of his role in service to the Overlord and by extension to the Overlord’s servant Bingus. He serves honor perhaps higher than his service to the Overlord.

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