SOW Aenied

Aenied, Avenger of Erathis, Scourge of the Underbelly of the City of Seven Dark Delights

Ian Whitestone, Heir to Sayre Ian Whitestone


Quote: "Yes, that is a NAD in my pocket."

Background: Ian is a half-elf … which is pretty non-descriptive …. He was always a bit aristocratic, maybe more-so now. He grew-up in an artistic, monument-filled city built in a particularly beautiful valley on a great island. Whitestone holds a university and a large number of artisans, making it a popular site for those who deal in either information or fine art. His home is Sayre Mansion, the house of his wily half-elven father, the govenor of Sayre, the seat of power upon the island.

The self-proclaimed ‘Lord’ Divian Torrance, is a politically astute nobleman. Power in Sayre resides with Lord Torrance, as well as the Artisan’s Guild and the University’s archdean. Under his father’s direction the city goes out of its way to attract the finest artists and craftsmen in the land. As a result, many wealthy families call Whitestone home, and all of these have their own mercenary security forces to protect their houses and workshops. Not much of a public militia is needed, although a small force controlled by Torrance’s good friend General Taramin remains active. The public militia is subsidized by a public ordinance crafted by the wily Lord Torrance. Each family above a certain income level must commit a number of troops from their own personal guard units to the city’s defense. This makes the city’s safety the concern of all the wealthiest families, although it requires a charismatic and skillful general to keep all the different house troops in line. Whitestone boasts a small theater and a large university that attracts scholars from cities across this corner of the mortal realm. For such a small city, Sayre is a shining beacon of light. Lord Torrance fully intends to keep it that way. Whitestone’s isolated, neutral location and advanced culture of Sayre have made it the natural meeting place for the great powers the exist within Klarn, a gathering place for diplomats, and once every decade, good times or bad, world leaders gather within Sayre to discuss the issues of the day.

Ian has been groomed for this purpose and it is in this role he came to know the Lords of Mendelland.

Appearance: Expertly dressed as befits a noble, though with a practical bent as befits a bard, Ian is nothing if not stylish and elegant. He carries himself with the quiet confidence of one who knows that he will get what he needs eventually and need not force his way upon others as those who are more nasty, brutish and short are wont to do.

Roleplaying Notes:

Plot Points/Information: Ian was trained at the Bardic Colleges in Mendelland as well as at the University at Sayre.