SOW Eoffram Troyas

Eoffram Troyas


Quote: “"It’s not about what I want; its about what is just. "

Background: Councilmember Eoffram Troyas is a new addition to the Brindol city council. As such, he is less prone to the traditional means of accomplishing important tasks. In a short time, he has established a reputation as an outspoken, and sometime combative, public figure. A half-elf, he has shown little of his race’s good-nature tendency toward patience.Councilmember Troyas is a somber man, who speaks carefully and methodically. Having witnessed the loss of his family to the Red Hand’s assault ten years ago he is now a man who is not easily intimidated.

Appearance: His coutenance is frequently grim and he dresses in noble attire and wears a chain of office indicating his station as a councilmember he often appears slightly unkempt as if he had just rushed in from a day on the trail. Though young his hair is steel gray with striking eyes that reflect all the colors of gold (white, yellow and red).

Roleplaying Notes: Martin will detail this part.

Plot Points/Information:

One of Troyas’s most recent controversial remarks was the he intended to use adventures to aid in the cutting down on recent bandit attacks in the Elsir Vale. Other members of the council – despite the city’s recent history and survival thanks to the efforts of adventurers – were dubious, but willing to give Councilmember Troyas’s policy a chance – to fail. Many of the more entrenched public figures secretly believe that the mercurial nature of adventurers makes them eminently unsuitable for the defense of the city. At least, that’s their public stance. Privately, rumors on the street continue to circulate about graft and embezzlement among the council, causing many to wonder if such member of the council would rather see the funds that are used to hire adventurers end up in their own pockets.

He is the only surviving member of the Troyas family. When they passed he was too young to keep the family business afloat but as he came into adulthood he re-established the family contacts and reopened the trade routes. Unfortunately he encountered problems with Sinruth who immediately began raiding the trade routes causing sigificant ruin upon Eoffram’s plans.

Eoffram inherited his family’s post upon the council, but now he is out of money and he has few remaining friends among the council many of whom saw the raids as distant problems also associated with trade – the price of business. Obviously Eoffram took these attacks more personally. Now that Brindol has suffered an attack Eofffram for the first time has the popular support of the people on his side and he means to use it to full advantage.


Alan the Rapier : Eoffram’s Batman (deceased)



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